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All Faces for All Races!! It's been modded in already, but please allow all faces on all races in base game!!
+1 - What we really need is lots more faces added to this game, but I definitely don't understand why the selection of half-elf faces aren't available for full on elves for instance, especially since they all look human anyways. I find that half-elf has more of that 'pretty' look for male faces than the actual elf male faces.

In a perfect world, enable all faces for all races, and add lots more faces. We should get at least 30-40 faces to choose from if we don't get to customize the presets. If we can customize the presets with sliders or more granular options, then the current number of faces is totally fine cause we can tweak them.

Imo the best way to do this would be to first actually make non-humans look non-human and then do the same with faces as with colours: lore-friendly race-appropriate default selection and an option to unlock all (maybe with a warning for new players that it's not lore-friendly). That way everyone's happy. But that's idealistic.
Sits in the corner, rocking back and forth wondering how I'm going to explain my Drow with a Gith face.
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