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Posted By: thepoorsquire Suggestion: More Companion Opinions - 20/10/20 09:49 PM
Occasionally, whilest speaking to an NPC, a companion may delight you by jumping in with their input on the situation. Example: speaking to Auntie Ethel for the first time may elicit a reaction from one of them. In my D&D experience, speaking to NPCs is mostly one-on-one, but your party would not be shy with interjecting, especially when they lurk just behind you (on camera). What could they be thinking? Are they daydreaming? Checking out a passerby? You only get the hint that they are real, thinking creatures when they jump in to tell you "yes, let's tell her everything because she's absolutely demented!" or "no, don't tell anyone about our condition!".

What if instead of limiting it to only one companion speaking up, all of them pitch in? You'll be delightfully torn apart by their opposing suggestions, but think of all the fun you'll have in deciding whose counsel to keep?
Posted By: Synaryn Re: Suggestion: More Companion Opinions - 20/10/20 09:50 PM
+1, more companions making snarky comments is always good. I want to hear my companions reacting to Astarion wanting to kill the vampire hunter!
Posted By: denhonator Re: Suggestion: More Companion Opinions - 20/10/20 09:54 PM
I like this idea. Maybe it's too ambitious to add all of that, but it is annoying to have to guess what the party might be thinking rather than being able to ask. If I was leading a party, I would like to hear my party's opinions before making some decisions rather than guess based on their personality. The comments they already have are good, hopefully they add more.
Posted By: brunotavm Re: Suggestion: More Companion Opinions - 20/10/20 09:55 PM
works like that in DOS2 in key dialog moments everyone in group has a saying
Posted By: Blade238 Re: Suggestion: More Companion Opinions - 20/10/20 10:00 PM
I'd love them responding to each other, especially Shadowheart and Woman-frog-pig, in dialogue. Like one jumps in and the other disagrees and they begin bickering with the PC stepping in or something. Would nicely show differing views and party dynamics.
Posted By: Kou The Mad Re: Suggestion: More Companion Opinions - 20/10/20 10:27 PM
Yeah, it's kinda doesn't feel right just doing all the talk for the party, especially given how vocal these lot are.
I mean, they already have dialogue ready for big conversations. Right now, it's only one party member that voices their opinion. Since the dialogue is already written, I'd like to hear all of them (instead of just one person and losing out on 2 others), as to see how everyone feels. Totally agree with those of you who say it's odd to speak for a group of highly opinionated individuals.
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