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Posted By: endolex separate sleight of hand + thieves' tools - 25/10/20 10:46 AM
another rules topic I'm afraid. The proficiency in thieves' tools to disarm traps and open locks has nothing to do with the Sleight of Hand skill which is used to pick pockets / put things in people's pockets / conceal items on your person.
How so?
You need skilled, and quick hands to do both. O_o

It makes sence to me ... where is problem?
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
How so?
You need skilled, and quick hands to do both. O_o

It makes sence to me ... where is problem?


The problem is that the Rogue class is supposed to have proficiency in Thieves Tools by definition. It does not, and neither does it get Sleight of Hand as a free proficiency (nor should it). The Rogue still gets the same four proficiency skills, and it is entirely possible to build a Rogue who does not have Sleight of Hand, and thus is missing a vital proficiency they're supposed to get as a class feature.

Thus, the Rogue is losing a class feature they are supposed to have for no good reason whatsoever.


I will say, though, that because the Ranger's Urban Tracker archtype lists proficiency with the Disguise Kit, it's possible that Tool Proficiency is simply not ready yet. However, once it is, Thieves Tools Proficiency needs to go back to its own separate thing, and be granted by the things which are supposed to grant it.
I see laugh
Posted By: Sigi98 Re: separate sleight of hand + thieves' tools - 25/10/20 02:19 PM
I think it's highly likely they simply haven't implemented it yet, in the same way expertise isn't implemented but is almost certainly planned to be in the game.

I agree. tailoring a rogue to be a traps expert versus someone running around in stealth stealing from pockets are two different builds. One relies heavily on Investigation, Perception and Proficiency (or double Proficiency when they get Expertise in game) with Thieves Tools while the other relies on Deception, stealth and Slight of Hand to steal those keys off that Ogre guard and free your friends before anyone knows your gone. One could make the argument that Sleight of Hand would make you better at disarming traps but each DND table may have variation. Character tailoring is a huge part of DND and I hope it translates well to the digital world..
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