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Posted By: Kabeidon Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 09:53 AM
Need this.
Also because i want to play as muscular granny kicking ass.
Posted By: Mxiio Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 09:55 AM
Posted By: Black_Elk Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 10:19 AM
The fastest way to get real fat is to grab the Githyanki half plate off Lae'zel and put it on a human dude. The phenotype for the armor model is instant Santa Claus hehe

But yeah, more age and body types would be nice.

I wonder why they don't just allow us to edit our Character's appearance at any point? Would be easy enough to do from the Character sheet menu. Seems a shame to have to roll a brand new toon if all you want is a different haircut, or to look more grizzled, change your skin tone or voice set or whatever later on.

I think they could really take a look at MMOs of the last decade to up their game in the Character creation process. That's where most of the innovation seems to be now.

BG1 was pretty innovative for its time in that department allowing for custom portraits and sounds, but that was almost 25 years ago. BGIII seems to have fewer char customization options than similar fantasy games that came out like 10 years ago now.

Character creation is critically important for a D&D game, and especially for a Forgotten Realms flagship franchise like this one. For new people who aren't into it, they can load one of these origins toons and skip past everything fun pretty easily, but for those who are into it, its half the entire game. Getting short shrifted in Char Creation is killing it in the cradle for a D&D game.
Posted By: RagnarokCzD Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 10:52 AM
+1 ...
And would like to add separate head features ... honestly i dont need sliders at all, i allways create monstrocity no matter how hard i try to make someone who looks good ... but for example for Tieflings, there are only one head that dont have Ears like donkey -_-
It would be nice to choose from preset options for shape of face/eyes/mouth/nose/ears ...

Also i hope for some body tatoos.
Posted By: brunotavm Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 10:58 AM
Posted By: nizanegusa Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 11:04 AM
especially with dwarfs and halflings the age is pretty much decided by the sex you pick, since all the male ones are old or middle aged with huge noses and lots of wrinkles.
whereas the female options are all more human looking and in their twenties.
Posted By: KingTiki Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 11:14 AM
More character options would always be great. I guess with their process it could take a little more time and resources, so many more faces could be a problem. I really hope for more body types tho. They already have Halsin and another more chubby type could also be reasonable. Give all races like 20 good and diverse faces, 3 body types and a little more here and there and we are in a good position. Also I'd guess the modding potential could be huge, so no need for Larian to do everything, as the community can always do more. Often the communities are even better at is, just look at the Elder Scrolls.
Posted By: PrivateRaccoon Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 12:20 PM
I would love age and body types as well. Plus some changeable features to the face. But except body types and maybe even for those, I'm not sure how much Larian is willing to put in considering those face presets are 3d screenings of actual living models, just slightly moderated for non human races. That's a lot of time and money spent on something that gets changed first thing by players if too many options are given. I can argue that ears, beard, hair, make up etc, stuff that doesn't change the actual face model is quite easy to put in. And I truly believe there are more presets coming. And body types won't change the face but might make it look disproportionate to the body. I. e slim face/large body.

Age though.....I guess you could just make artificial changes similar to make up like wrinkles and such. But having your skin starting to thin out and hang is a whole other question.
Posted By: Uncle Lester Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 12:27 PM
Agreed. I'd like to be able to play as a frail granny cleric or a ripped barbarian.
Posted By: Black_Elk Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 01:08 PM
Why is it that I can't get a D&D product set in the Forgotten Realms to do me one better than Bethesda at character creation? Alas

Leaving it up to the mods to handle what should be a major area of focus for the game's art development is hella depressing.

They made a very conscious decision not to use sliders, but instead to rotoscope real people's faces. That's fine, most illustrators would do exactly that and using a reference.

If they scanned 2000 different people, they'd probably be able to cover most of the variety we see in the world around us and satisfy all but the most far out requests. But getting there with just a couple dozen employees or interns and some elf ears added here and there is a pretty far cry. Its so important to nail this down, since people spend more time engaging with the character creator than probably any other single part of the game.

Right now there are a couple heads I keep going back to, and the rest are basically dead weight. No offense to the models they used, but I'm just not seeing eyebrows that are sufficiently villainous enough for my tastes.

Not having sliders also means an upper limit on the number of head models, or grouping the head models in other ways, just for practical use. Clicking through a list of 100 or 200 heads... by head1 head2 etc is pretty rough. But I'm sure they'd prefer to avoid generic descriptors for the head types or facial groupings from a drop-down menu, for obvious reasons. Having sliders with a bunch of options nobody uses at either extreme is probably a waste for sure, but going against the modern grain and choosing presets has its own set of problems. Mainly the problem we're dealing with right now... not enough variety.

Its also strange, if they already have all these faces rotoscoped, why they aren't all available across the board for any character type? Like that must have pissed off somebody in the office...

"Sorry your mug didn't quite make the cut for an Elf. But don't worry, you're on the shortlist for a Dwarf preset!"

They probably should have avoided that with real people's faces lol. Or I don't know maybe they asked everyone to choose who they wanted to be first, and all their most attractive Zoolanders just filled up the auditions for the elves and half elves? Hehe

Posted By: Kabeidon Re: Custom Age and Body types. - 27/10/20 09:54 PM
I saw people talking about the face sliders , personally i always make a custom face , couldn't care less about scanned people.Also they are using a lot of money for the scans? A worse waste of time.
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