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I've got a few more suggestions that popped up while playing...😁
This'll be a bit td;lr in case reading all this might bother you.

- They need to include specific weapon proficiencies on each character page. Right now, you have to pull down from class which is really awkward when you can't remember if Gale had only light or heavy crossbow too, as an example. What's there also doesn't seem to be character specific. Basically, all pertinent info for each character should be on that page in one go.

- They need to make the Alt tab count for everything on the screen, regardless of your elevation. I keep being forced to go into my timer if I want to be able to Help a Downed character. They don't show up at all even when they're right next to me and trying to roll my mouse over them doesn't seem to find them fast enough & poof, dead...😑

- The travel chest seriously needs to be sortable in some way. I keep being tossed back to the top of the list every time I take an item out. It takes FOREVER to take what I need.

- When bartering, we need to have a 'put everything in' button. There also needs to be as many slots to put items into as we have inventory slots when bartering. We shoukdn't run out of room.

- I'm still trying to figure out why fungus are stackable but herbs are not...

- They need to somehow differentiate spellbook spells from the same spells that come from items/equipment. For instance, you have a Magic Missle necklace. I can't tell which MM is from my spellbook & which is from the necklace when looking at the quickbar. Even just putting a colored box around the spell would help significantly when sorting the quickbar & using the spells in it in the middle of a fight.

- Locked doors that were successfully unlocked should stay unlocked. I keep having to waste lockpicking tools on doors I've already opened. Afterall, every dead thing is still on the ground so there's no reason doors shouldn't still remain open.

- There should be an option to check for traps on every door or chest instead of leaving it to guess work. Obviously rogues would have a higher chance to find them but there's no reason someone else can't try.

- Fast Travel & Camp make getting around & healing almost comically easy. What's the point of having Waypoints if I can just FT from anywhere?

- Cleric spells should be reserved for clerics. Same for other spellcasters.

- The price indicated on an item should be the even keel price. What I mean by that is that an average Charisma character would get half the value. As Charisma goes up, the amount they can get should go up until around 90% of cost. Right now merchants are making a killing on items with some going for over double the listed value but we're being given a pitance in comparison.

- Can Larian give us enough time to save poor Thulla? I got the antidote in what I consider a reasonable time frame & yet she was dead when I came back with it...😭

- Astarion & Wyll seriously need to have their stats redone...neither are usable as they are. Astarion's Charisma should be higher, him being a charming rogue and all, and Wyll should have much more Strength. You don't get to be called the Blade of Anything with a flipping 9 STR.... Right now, Wyll's only use is to get better Barter deals cuz I jacked his Charisma to 18.

- Yellow Quest Diamonds should only appear on the pertinent map. It's very confusing to have them showing on small cellar maps that have nothing to do with them, as an example.

That's it for now...😊
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