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Having played a speed run through most of early access, I will say I am overall impressed. The dynamism of how events can play out is impressive and I also like the class and racial dialogue options and how the world reacts to you. Most "issues" as they were are largely to the game naturally being far from finished, and the community news points to Larian keeping on top of such things.

So most of my feedback and suggestions, is very much more polish as opposed to fundamentals. With the possible exception I think it would be good to be able to deselect dead party members at leave them, go to the camp and continue the journey without them, in game consequences and all (such as likely to happen in Gale's place).

On minor nice additions to have.

1. I think there should be a dialogue option to question how Lae'zel ended up in the cage. (Perhaps I have missed it?)

2. It would be nice if the starting equipment, at character creation is more tied to the characters racial background. E.g. In particular for Lolth Sworn Drow and Githyanki, it would nice to have the starting equipment appearance be tailored to their background e.g. Githyanki themed appearance of the fighter's scale mail etc. (Main play through as a gith, it felt slightly odd wearing the more "generic" version.)

3. For final release, nice to have more options after using the Knock Out option, e.g. Fight at the grove defending the Tieflings wouldn't proceed to the next stage, when having knocked out Minthara, so had to kill her when she was knocked out, to get the following cutscene. Main point nice to have the option to continue the story to an extent when having the option to do so in combat, e.g. ability to take certain npc's captive as opposed, to killing them then. Could be interrogated, with option to leave them, kill them or release them and in some circumstances hand them over to someone else. Note I can see how this can lead to a lot of extra work, and it makes sense as something to be added after the bulk of the story and its branching outcomes are done. Regardless could be an aspect similar to talking to the dead.

Could be nice when playing as Gith and meeting Shadowheart for the first time and knocking her out in a probable fight, you have the option to wake her up and attempt to possibly recruit her again.

4. It did seem strange, that Lae'zel seemed to know the party had the artefact Shadowheart is carrying around, when getting its description from the Kithrak and we had not yet had a camp encounter seeing Shadowheart having the artefact. Know this area and the Creche very much an unfinished product, so only see it as a minor issue for now. I do think the artefact seemed to jump into the main character's inventory without taking it out from Shadowheart's but I may be mis-remembering that.

For now that's all the key feedback I have to give. I overall like how the story and gameplay plays out. I do sometimes find it fun to role with the failures as well as successes for the dice rolls.
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