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Posted By: Grey Noise My list of feedback part 2 - 01/11/20 02:20 PM
Original title: Grey Noise list 2

Figure I would post this list a things I just ran into while playing.

This is the second list and most of it is from the previous update so I have no idea if anything has been "fixed".

If you want to look at the previous list just search my name.

Walking through poison on the ground while wearing boots, causes poison is strange. I understand wanting to have effects be in the field, but logically its an odd choice.
I attacked priestess gut. She called for help. Enemies shot through the wall with arrows. I had all the characters hide. Roah's turn takes 5 mins of her thinking and going nowhere. Once all the player controlled NPCs are hidden, all the goblins just stand in place waiting until I reveal them.
Can't approach Goblin Spike, one of the other goblins are aggro. Goblin boss Zurga. I did kill the Drow who falsely mentioned I extracted information from the prisoner. Also killed Gut before she could call for help.
Waited for Goblin Boss Zurga to patrol away to talk to Spike. The entire talking animation is bugged with their torsos and head facing flipping out the whole time.
Non lethal damage to spike. Combat ended. He got back up and combat began again.
Every instance of non lethal damage to spike has him get right back up and begin combat again.
Liam curls up into a weird ball on the torture rack.
Blew up all the Goblins and the Hobgoblin leader with barrels of explosives from a hidden state. Rest of the goblins inside the fort and at the party are now aggro. Goblins in the town and first outpost are still friendly/ neutral.
Casting light on a sword does not illuminate an area enough to not have disadvantage.
Sent the owlbear cub to camp, can't find it.
The "magic pockets" notification happens too fast to read, when you remove Wyll from the party while he has the Torturer's Key and the Blade of Frontiers' eye.
Dual Wielder feat. AC shown on character doesn't have the +1 from this feat.
Spell DC showing as 13. Wizard has 18 int and 2 proficiency. Should be 14.
Wizard can learn cantrips from scrolls.
Wizard can learn all the spells, from every class.
The ability to select multiple objects to throw into the camp chest at once would be useful.
Can't get the grove celebration party to trigger unless I deamand the druid to heal me now.
Can't interact with the ruptured stone, in the druid back room full of poison.
Spell you can learn upon leveling up should be sorted by level so you can tell at a glance what is new or more powerful.
Instead of having multiple spell icons for each level, just have a display tooltip ask what level you want to cast the spell when casting it. Preview of the damage or effect at the lowest level on the left, highlighted differences of the spell cast at whatever higher levels are hovered over on the right.
Knocked out the masked hag minions. Took the masks off them. They were still aggro when they woke up and their character model re-applied the mask, but it wasn't in their inventory.
Drank all of the hags potions. Character went berserk and combat started. Mind controlled character would act out of turn.
Mud mephits get attacks of opportunity from ranged and there is no visible indication of this.
Posted By: Grey Noise Re: My list of feedback part 2 - 02/11/20 03:48 AM
Necro bumping once.
Posted By: Painbringer71 Re: My list of feedback part 2 - 02/11/20 04:06 AM
I have had the goblins shooting through doors at me as well. the worse one was the Knolls. One time I met them they went crazy and a couple of the archers had three attacks a turn to my one. Died and loaded again the knolls went to normal... Some serious Bloodlust.
Posted By: Traycor Re: My list of feedback part 2 - 02/11/20 04:58 AM
Your title makes it difficult to know what this thread is about unless you read the contents first. I thought it was a complaint about ambient noise.
Posted By: vometia Re: My list of feedback part 2 - 02/11/20 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Grey Noise
Necro bumping once.

Don't bump. It risks getting your topic locked. I have also changed the title to something more descriptive.
Posted By: Grey Noise Re: My list of feedback part 2 - 11/11/20 11:22 PM
Are you able to change the name on this one as well?
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