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Posted By: Baldrick Custom Item Colouring - 06/11/20 10:29 PM
Will we be able to customise item colouring? For example, currently if you find some leather armour it is default brown. It would be nice if you could make it black or red. Visually it would be good to match ones clothing armour to ones head gear etc. Currently looks a bit off with your black hood, brown or blue armour.
Posted By: Firesnakearies Re: Custom Item Colouring - 06/11/20 11:41 PM
Would be cool.
Posted By: vometia Re: Custom Item Colouring - 07/11/20 01:36 AM
Technically it's supported, but whether or not it will be an in-game feature I couldn't say. If it isn't, it's probably something that modders will deal with.
Posted By: Traycor Re: Custom Item Colouring - 07/11/20 06:20 AM
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