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As someone who struggles to come up with character names at times, or doesn't always feel inspired to, being able to randomly generate names would be a welcome feature to add to character creation.
Kinda wasted time for devs. My tip is look around and twist names of the items you look at. ;-) Real randomness
I was actually about to suggest this too.
It's something that was in DOS2 and would be very helpful for coming up with character names.

The PHB actually has name lists, example naming conventions along with regional variants for this exact reason.
I'd like this too. It helps naming the characters which sometimes takes a long time for me. And maybe less Merlins and Gandalfs or AxeKillers in multiplayer too. smile
Why would you want random names though? There are literally dozens of websites for generating character names, organized by race and class and often providing the actual meanings of the names.
I dont get it ... if you dont have any name you want, why not just let character have that preset name that is allready there? O_o
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
I dont get it ... if you dont have any name you want, why not just let character have that preset name that is allready there? O_o

It's not so much about the origin characters, (Shaddowheart etc.) it's for people's custom characters. Currently the custom name is "Tal" that doesn't really suit every character out there. Not every can come up with a name, expecialy if you've got your friends on your back about wanting to start playing. It might not seem like a big deal and yes there are 3rd party sites but it's a nice thing to have in game.
I know ... i was talking about Tal.
So if i understand this corectly, you dont really care how your character will be named, since you plan to use random generator ... yet you dont want Tal, bcs you dont like it for certain characters or something like that.


Honestly i would say that this isnt problem you will deal with random name generator, at least taking for myself ... i did use random name generator few times (btw, fun fact ... no random name generator is actualy "generating names", they simply choose randomly few names from list) and it allways took me at least 15-30 minutes, until i find some that i like. laugh
It would be much better if you could pre-set and save few characters for futher uses ... i would say that minimum number should be equal to number of classes.
My method generating PC names is to set the character's 'feel' in a real-life culture, be that Celtic, Finnish, Russian, Roman or whatever, and then pick a letter. I then go to one of the many websites which list first names for that culture and choose a gender-appropriate name starting with the letter I initially picked. It is not random, but it works for me.
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