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Attention! Possible spoilers and description of the plot elements of the game Baldur's Gate 3.

Welcome to the attentive readers of this forum, as well as the support of Larian Studios. I have played your game for more than 140 hours and despite the fact that I have already passed all possible quests twice in the 1st act of our adventures... I would like to share my impressions and ask about some things that are bothering not only me, but also most of the Russian community segment.

First, it is localization. We understand that translating all books and texts at the alpha test stage is not a priority, but we would be very pleased if all the materials were translated into Russian, at least in text form.

Secondly, of course, bugs related to crashes during the game in the cooperative. During saves, it often happens that while the host of the game session is saved, the rest of the players can safely move around and do whatever they want. Because of this, the host has huge FPS drawdowns, friezes appear, and even a crash from the game is possible. We strongly ask you to fix this problem. You may be able to achieve this by pausing for all other players until the save is completed to the end.

Third, we really ask developers and those who are engaged in the development of non-linear quests in BG III... Don't give up on this case! My friends and I enjoyed it a lot and had a lot of pleasant emotions that almost every quest has different development options and even different endings! The only thing that hurt us was that despite the fact that we found evidence in the deception of the druid Kaga-we still did not manage to bring her to trial Helsin. This saddened us very much. There are also several other quests that work when and how, and sometimes break and do not complete. For example, saving a baby tiefling from sirens. During my first passage, the boy became ill and after being rescued remained in a cave under the shelter of the druids, even when all his friends and family left for the gates of Baldur.

A very big request to deal with the bug in Underdark, when characters sometimes, instead of climbing a ladder or a grassy vine somewhere to the top, fall under the textures behind the map and die, once in the camp. It only happened a couple of times near the Beholder's lair, but it was a bit of a shock. There was also a bug that allowed you to get into the Moon towers via glitch, but I understand that in one of the last updates you closed it. We would like to find out what will happen next, because the intrigue eats me and my friends from the inside!

We still don't know if crafting any simple items or potions for the squad will be implemented, as it was in Divinity. If such a thing is already implemented, then you can find some hint for players or a brief excursion about it, because so far we have only been able to find crafting weapons at +1 due to a unique ingredient.

We look forward to new classes and subclasses, as well as unique characters and races. After all, the set that is still available is very small. But we would like to praise you for the large selection of looks in the character editor - we really liked it!

We managed to find many rare and unique weapons. But most of them don't have any strong or phenomenal abilities. This is strange... After all, to get many of them-you need to try hard. We understand why you can't buy mythical or legendary items from Mercenaries or Tieflings with druids... But at least a couple of interesting artifacts in hiding places could be hidden even in the first act of this game. This would motivate you to search every corner even more in order to get a magic item. Although it is worth recognizing the fact that we really liked the quest with the book of the Necromancer and the quest where one of our members of the bard squad for the place of the gouged out eye gave a magic one!

We liked almost every fight and are happy that opponents often behave in a smart way and have very few weak points. But sometimes even the AI blunts and makes mistakes. We hope that in the upcoming updates, enemies will slow down less and make more useful moves, and not stand still and wait for them to be killed.

We really liked the love lines of different characters and bed scenes with the main characters. We would like more of these things, after all, the game is for adults. Therefore, this is quite important in terms of getting used to the role of your created character.

We were very impressed with the locations, character costumes, and soundtrack. We have no complaints about the main story and the manner of narration. In addition, we would very much like new videos and cinematics during our travels through the Gates of Baldur! This will add a little more spice and beauty to your masterpiece!

In conclusion, we would like to thank you for taking the risk to undertake such a difficult and dangerous job. It will take a lot of effort and time to create the full version of the game, but we believe and hope for you from Larian Studios. And as payment of the debt, we wrote a short verse about our adventures, as we promised to do after reading the user agreement before starting the game.

Сверкая глазами во тьме,
С щитом и мечом в руках,
Блуждаем и бьемся во мгле,
Вчетвером, в друидских стенах.

Сражались мы долго и рощу спасли,
Убили мы вожаков.
И гоблину каждому, башку мы снесли,
Пир тифлингам готов!

Но ждет нас новая напасть,
И Хелсин нам помог...
Он подсказал, как нам попасть,
На Лунных башен порог.

Прошли минотавров, и ловушки, и тьму,
А цель еще далека,
Хотим мы узнать - что тут к чему?
Как нам исцелить себя?

We hope that the new patch, with a new development branch and coordination changes, which was announced today... It will give us a lot of new impressions. Thank you for your efforts and hope for the development of your beautiful game! Thank you very much Larian Studios! We will be happy to continue to share with you our requests and descriptions of problems in the game, if this review was useful for you. Sincerely, your community of Russian players!
Originally Posted by MACDRAG0N
Attention! Possible spoilers and description of the plot elements of the game Baldur's Gate 3.
ask about some things that are bothering not only me, but also most of the Russian community segment.

Originally Posted by MACDRAG0N
Sincerely, your community of Russian players!

Who cares where you are from? What makes you think you can speak on behalf of the community? Just speak for yourself man, please.
While the guy above is needlessly rude, he is right in a way. You post phrased as if you're representing the whole community of Russian players, who tried BG3... welp, I checked this page for example - and I didn't find anyone leading any kind of collaborative attempt to create your feedback. So, please, consider changing that "community" to "me and my friends".
Originally Posted by Zellin
While the guy above is needlessly rude, he is right in a way.

Sorry if that sounded too harsh, but it just pisses me off. Besides, I also represent this community, so I can probably afford to be a little rude :P
Well, I am also from russian community, and despite I agree with OP, it is a bit strange to speak for the whole community I suppose wink For example, I didn't experience such issues in cooperative. Our localisation really sucks in different aspects,it's true, but as far as I know the team is working on it.
But for the rest, a lot of people really love the game and I think it's awesome.

Originally Posted by Luxoria
localisation really sucks


At this stage, translation on russian is quite bad. The problem is not even typos, but the words that translators choose.
I prefer English version to Russian one while playing. Localization is always secondary to the original in clarity of the sense it makes.

OP - стишок милый, но размерчик (кол-во гласных) и повторяемость лучше подправить, например:

Сверкая глазами во тьме,
С щитом и мечом в руках,
Мы словно застряли во сне,
Но мы побеждаем страх.
Ну... Мы не великие в ребятами стихотворцы, но что смогли то смогли.

Well ... We are not great poetry guys, but we could do something.
Извиняемся, за неправильную трактовку и некорректную формулировку темы. Если для кого-то наши высказывания показались необоснованными или грубыми, просим извинить.

We apologize for the misinterpretation and incorrect wording of the topic. If for someone my statements seemed unfounded or rude, I ask you to excuse me.
Мне на совсем понятна, ваша агрессия. Пост я исправил, как и заголовок. Пост написан был при поддержке большого кол-ва людей. У нас не стояло цели кого-то оскорбить или за кого-то что-то сказать, если у вас есть свои соображения на счет поддержки и фидбека по данному вопросу...

Почему вы решили прочесть именно данный пост? К тому же если вы его действительно хорошо прочли и поняли основной посыл, что мы пытались своей группой единомышленников донести до разработчика - не так уж и плохо. Мы изучили детально множество источников и обзоров от русскоязычных обзорщиков по BG3, прошли 1 АКТ неоднократно (я лично 2 раза полностью), среди нас есть люди что прошли "кэмпейн" уже 3-4 раза. Да нас не 100 и не 1000. Но я думаю мнение 20-25 человек будет довольно полезным выслушать. Мы с ребятами и командой по НРИ очень внимательно подошли к данной игре и хотели бы её развития. Если вас обидело или задело наше мнение и вы считаете это отвратительным... Просим у вас прощения.

Данная краткая выжимка была написана с целью рассказать хоть немного о насущных проблемах простых игроков и мы постарались собрать проблемы, которые касаются не конкретного человек, а среднестатистического игрока из русского сегмента в BG3. Среди нас было много людей кто знаком с данной вселенной и таким жанром игр, но были и новички. Нам пришлось приложить немало усилий, чтобы собрать воедино это мнение и оставить в нем только краткие просьбы и предложения.

I don't quite understand your aggression. I corrected the post, as well as the title. The post was written with the support of a large number of people. Our goal was not to offend someone or to say something for someone, if you have your own thoughts on support and feedback on this issue ...

Why did you decide to read this particular post? In addition, if you read it really well and understood the main message that we tried to convey to the developer with our group of like-minded people, it’s not so bad. We have studied in detail many sources and reviews from Russian-speaking reviewers on BG3, we have passed 1 ACT repeatedly (I personally 2 times completely), among us there are people who have already passed the "Campaign" 3-4 times. Yes, we are not 100 or 1000. But I think the opinion of 20-25 people will be quite useful to listen to. We, the guys and the NDT team, approached this game very carefully and would like to develop it. If you are offended or hurt by our opinion and you find it disgusting ... We ask your forgiveness.

This short extract was written with the aim of telling at least a little about the pressing problems of ordinary players, and we tried to collect problems that do not concern a specific person, but an average player from the Russian segment in BG3. There were many people among us who are familiar with this universe and this genre of games, but there were also beginners. We had to work hard to put together this opinion and leave only brief requests and suggestions in it.
Спасибо за ваши мыcли и за то, что поделились вашим мнением по данному вопросу - мы c ребятами его прочли и во многих вещах согласны с вами.

Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing your opinion on this issue - we read it with the guys and agree with you on many things.
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