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Posted By: Source Current Thoughts & Tactical Camera Request - 26/12/20 02:25 PM
So I took a couple months break from the EA, and recently returned, and I must say I have seen a drastic improvement in the following areas:

1. Combat and animations feels much more fluid, fun, impactful and natural.
2. The atmosphere seems greatly improved, especially in the early parts of the game.
3. The graphics seem more unique to me now, looks a bit darker vs the bright DOS style.
3. The companions seem more like companions and feels a bit more like you are part of a team on a journey together (still feel the comradery can be further improved).
4. It is feeling more like Baldur's Gate i.e. having its own feel and IP, rather than DOS in a D&D world.

I feel like its really shaping up for a worthy Baldur's Gate successor.

On this note, I happened to mess around with the camera, and I found I really enjoy using the Tactical Camera (shortcut - O) on permanently. To me it makes the game feel more like a classic isometric Baldur's Gate experience, while it zooms in for conversations and cutscenes. I wanted to ask/suggest that the Tactical Camera gets the same attention to detail and love as the other camera types, so that for those who want to play with this view its a viable option. Could we also have the option of tilting the rotation slightly so that its not directly overhead as it is currently?

Posted By: Genma Re: Current Thoughts & Tactical Camera Request - 31/12/20 12:53 PM
I find the overhead tactical view pretty much worthless. Too many issues with the camera bouncing around. And your character still makes stupid moves instead of a "tactical" approach. Would almost like you the be able to select the tile/locations they move individually before they start moving. Sorta like plotting the path the will walk.
Yes, this is why I would like to request that the same effort and care is taken into the tactical camera view as in the other camera views, so that we can choose to play in that more classic isometric experience.
Noooo they tweaked the character of the companions? I'm sad, I loved the fact that they were clearly forced to work together, and the blunt and harsh side of both Lae'zel and Shadowheart make them unique in a landscape of gentle and polite female warriors.
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