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Just a small request:
Please don't close the inventory window after a book is read.

I tend to loot an area and then read the books and notes that I've picked up after everything is looted.

Currently when I read a book in inventory and close out of the book it closes out of inventory as well.
I then have to re-open inventory and scroll down to the next book.

A small thing to be sure but If you could possibly leave the inventory window open after a book is closed it would be much appreciated.
Yes please +1
yes please +1

I'm glad someone mentioned this. It's pretty annoying.
I'll +1 this, too.
Very, very annoying. I also dislike the moments where I've just changed out gear from the inventory and then clicked on it again without thinking in order to pass that item along to someone else or to drop it, only for that action to immediately knock me completely out of the game?
I agree, it is kinda annoying.

+1 Yes!!
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