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Posted By: Mrixl2520 "Sell Instantly" button - 01/03/21 08:37 PM
Looting dungeons is a staple of RPGs, but the process of picking them up and selling them is quite a chore. I propose the SELL INSTANTLY button. You find an item and just sell it. Maybe with a convenience fee or something but holy heck even if I’m getting even 50% of the value it would save SO MUCH FREAKING TIME. If we can already magically and unexplainably send items to camp, why not just makes it easier on us and cut out the legwork. More time roaming in dungeons and less time doing chores. Alternately, a vendor at camp would save a lot of time running around.

Lets say you are out roaming in a dungeon and looting everything you see. There is a TON of clicks and walking involved in looting, which is a considerable time investment and, frankly, not fun. Here’s a basic breakdown of what’s involved with selling a single item:

Click on box/container (For the sake of argument, lets assume the box as an item worth selling.)
Double Click to take it OR
Take all OR
Right click for options
Mark as wares (You cannot mark as wares and send to a character. It would save a click and save you from having to then open inventory screen and either moving to a character or marking as wares) OR
Send to Character OR
Send to camp (If you send items to camp, you will have to travel to camp, dig through the inventory box, send the items to characters, possibly mark as wares… SO MANY CLICKS!)

Click fast travel and run to a vender. The portal near the druid give feels needlessly far from the couple of venders, but I guess makes sense from a story POV. More clicks to click through the dialog OR click bottom left button

Sell Wares > BALANCE > barter. (Barter just GIVES it away, which is counter intuitive.) Items not marked as wares you will have to *click (double click?) individually. Also, sell wares only applies the wares of one character, so if all of your teammates are loaded with wares you have to do this 4 times. Thats 12 clicks right there! Then if you like to have one character with all of the gold MORE CLICKS. (Maybe gold doesn’t need to be an inventory item?)

By my rough estimate, marking a single item for wares is at least 9 clicks plus running. SELL INSTANTLY would be like 3 clicks and NO RUNNING.
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