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Larian please let us pick the targets of our spells. Bless, Bane have been slightly annoying since release because we can't specifically target who we want to affect with the spells.
You have already implemented a great solution in the way scorching ray and certain twinned spells like chromatic orb.
Now many of the other twinned spells have been handled in the same way Bless/Bane have and it is kind of frustrating.
I don't want to spend sorcery points accidentally enlarging Gale who won't go into melee combat.
sometimes I want to Twincast Hold person on two specific, high value targets and instead it picks the goblin that was closest to my first target.

I imagine you chose to implement Bless/Bane etc in this way because it is faster to cast and pretty easy for new players.
I think you should trust the players. We can handle the responsibility of choosing our targets.
If you don't want to remove that version of targeting maybe offer a setting in the options menu for full choice on spell targets.
Yesshhh ! SO annoying !
+1 ... keep the ring around the first target, its usefull to know the range, but let us pick
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