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Posted By: Montiness 1 year in... - 18/10/21 12:33 AM
I've started playing this again after my initial playthrough upon release, and I have to say it is so far extremely disappointing.

Many things...

I appreciate this level cap thing, but it's far too low. There are already balance issues arising and i sincerely expect without access to higher levels this trend will continue until release, at which stage it will need to be addressed too late, with too much work to correct, so I can see it's going to be a major problem. Your goal may be to have a max level cap, but without unlocking full level progression to see if it's viable considering the amount of the game which is still missing the game will become boring and stagnant, or end up with so little content farther through it will just be a joke. You go from the ship, to the grove, to the goblin town, to the goblin camp and you're max level before you even step into the lover levels of the camp. This is not alot of the game in its current state to have completed before capping out, not even half, and it's boring as hell.

In short the cap needs to be removed so you can get feedback on balance issues and whether currently planned caps are going to make the game disgustingly dull.

There are still so many bugs with corpses. Disappearing under the earth, hovering in the sky, name tags misaligned or just plain vanishing in both DX11 and Vulkan.

Cutscene framerates become a slideshow for no apparent reason in both dx11 and vulkan although dx11 seems to be generally lower but doesn't have such large degredation. Most of what I've noticed is in regards to this new dirt and bruising. Camera angles are still at times like someone's fallen on their face with the camera, essential actors disappear from the cutscene when focused upon (the vamp, the tadpole, others) which didn't previously.

Junk items are still a ridiculously tedious thing... plates, the most stackable junk item on the planet don't stack, some items stack in a type (bottles, skulls, cutlery) whilst others don't, and alot of junk items of the exact same graphic that do stack refuse to stack with the current stack and only with certain others, and even more stackable items just don't stack at all. This has been a problem throughout the original sin games as well. Perhaps it comes down to the individual level designers, but this is a quality control issue that is severely overlooked. You might think there's no reason to really collect junk items anyway, but that's no excuse for leaving this mechanic so severely lacking in conformity. All it leads to for those of us who do collect junk items is create a nightmare of inventory management, and without correction now this problem will continue throughout every area released in the future until it becomes an issue so large and daunting that noon will fix it ever. Fix it now.

I have noticed a number of placeholder actors and events have developed into more full encounters. This is typically one of the last things done when a game is in demo or early access, the worldspace develops then the flavour is added. It fully feels too much time is being put in to doing things backwards, which with the level cap in place makes it even more boring and potentially less balanced.

There's more but I'll end up ranting a thesis, so I'm stopping.

Previous games early releases may not have had global issues to contend with, but 1 area after the same time they go from early release to commercial release really feels like you're taking the mickey, especially with its price tag.
Posted By: NinthPlane Re: 1 year in... - 18/10/21 04:19 AM
"Junk items are still a ridiculously tedious thing..."

Tedious! Yes. As well as hundreds of empty containers.

Larian won't implement a reaction system b/c they are "worried about it's impact on the flow of combat", but this affects the flow of the game overall.
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