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Posted By: urktheturtle Gales Magic Flute for Bards - 18/10/21 02:50 AM
Hey, just a thought... I would like that, when Bards become available... that the Magic Flute that Gale has could be a bard spellcasting focus, and have some sort of benefit. That would make me really happy, K thx bye.
Posted By: Black_Elk Re: Gales Magic Flute for Bards - 18/10/21 05:06 AM
That would be cool.

In my current playthrough...
I attempted to push Gale off the cliff by that Netherese portal for insulting my Sorceress as just having a 'whiff of weave'. Well I'll show him! Seemed like a good plan and a good spot. Just yeet him off the tallest cliff in the area so his necrotic aura wouldn't come back to haunt me. Sadly this cliff features an invisible wall, with no trajectory, so he just fell prone with a minor disapproval. I must be that charming I guess, that he didn't split right then and there. Later we got arrested in the Grove for befriending Kagha with delusions of power by means of the triple charisma dice boost, or maybe it was shoving Aaron on a bad deal earlier, can't recall, but anyway stuck in the jail playing telephone with Sazza through the door. Disappointed with my inability to use the mage hand to do anything clever, and not wanting to sleep it off, we decided to just swan dive off the cliff and be done for the long night. Happily this cliff was just right, with no invisible wall. Woot! But then something interesting happened that stopped me from tapping out back to the main menu...

My body magically teleported to camp, but in broad daylight. Pretty nice zone! We explored it with the disembodied cam like a ghost for a few minutes to see it at high noon. Still face down in crimson and unable to do anything about it from there, I thought I'd try using the darkside of the force to charm Shadowheart and Lae'zel from across time and space - to do the only thing that still made sense - immediately merc Gale! Have the last laugh, and hopefully steal his super scroll to truly resurrect myself instead of him! The vain hope was that maybe I'd still be able to select the Sorceress from the Portrait cast, like maybe on a glitch? Unfortunately that didn't work either, but before the curtain fell I did get to watch Shadowheart attempt to play the flute hehe.

She holds the flute up to her chin suspended in mid air, and couldn't seem to figure it out at all. She must have failed band class miserably at cleric camp. Despite hitting all the cues and clockwisers and demon talk etc in convo, the super scroll idea didn't work. Bummer. But I got to hold onto the flute right! So that's something I guess


Bard will hopefully be fun, whenever they're finally included, but they need to really get the jams in there!
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