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Posted By: Joke_Air Tasha's hideous laughter - 30/12/21 02:29 PM
Hi, I had a question about this spell.
I think I never successfully cast it on someone due to the small chance to win the trade so I would like to know how the attack/save works for this spell.

Is it a confrontation between me and my target ? (we throw dices together with our ability modifiers and the higher win?)

Or if I have 16 in wisdom (+3) and my target has 12 (+1), to make the spell work I have to make 10+1-3= 8 or higher or is it my target that throw dices and needs to do more than 12 ?
Posted By: Ignatius Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 02/01/22 08:14 AM
The target rolls a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. Your spell save DC = 8 +(Spell Casting Ability Modifier) + (Your Proficiency bonus), I believe it's listed on your in-game character sheet. So, the target rolls 1d20 and adds it Wisdom ability modifier, if it meets or exceeds your spell save DC, the spell fails to affect it.
Posted By: Blackheifer Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 02/01/22 02:13 PM
So they have to meet or exceed a DC 13 Check on that spell to win the save.

At level 5 your proficiency goes up by +1
if you do ASI into your spellcasting ability score your DC goes up by +1

It's interesting to think that this spell at level 10 with 20 Int/Wis/Charisma would have a DC of 17.
Posted By: Lobstercorgi Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 13/01/22 12:22 AM
I’ve used this spell a number of times in my play through for patch 6. It worked a lot with my setup and I really like it!
Posted By: Umbra Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 13/01/22 12:39 PM
So we should avoid using this spell against npcs likely to have high WIS. Clerics, druids, and ranger types.
Posted By: Muldeh Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 14/01/22 04:29 AM
Has anybody else noticed that this spell seems to be overly effective?

Each time I've cast it and the enemy has faield the first save, it seems to last 5 rounds regardless of their wis.. and I don't know if it is actually working as intended because their saves don't show up in the combat tracker..
Posted By: Thespen Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 15/01/22 02:38 PM
Never used it but if it works like other spells with a saving roll you can: Click spell and then mouse over targets and you should get % chance to take effect on each target (so pick the best one smile.

You can also check the combat log to see what happened.
Posted By: Tarorn Re: Tasha's hideous laughter - 18/01/22 04:30 AM
Lasts a couple of rounds on ogres I’ve found
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