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Trying to find a flute for my Barbarian, but so far no luck. I checked the merchants in Druid's Grove and pretty much every crate on the East side of the map.

I found a Violin in a crate near the Nautiloid and the Lute I got from Alfira. But so far the Drum, Lyre and Flute are nowhere to be found.
Posted By: JandK Re: Anyone know where one might find a flute? - 21/07/22 07:35 PM
There should be a flute on the crates over by where they bury Kanon in the grove.


Also, try playing a song in the goblin camp, outside by where Volo is first seen doing his oration. One or two of the goblins there have instruments and will join in.
Ah much appreciated, thank you. The Flute was on top of the crates and the Drum was inside them.

Lol, the reason why I didn't even try looting those was because Kaldani was bugged and permanently sitting there directly staring at the crates. Had to push her chair away for her to go to Kanon's body so they could bury him laugh
Brem in the Zhentarim hideout sells various musical instruments. It's somewhat random but does include a flute sometimes.
I stole flute from goblins - they have one lying by the podium where Volo does his recitation.
Band camp. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Originally Posted by lolwut77
Band camp. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Bang a gong, bring it on.. (;
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