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Posted By: Veles How does the game system work? - 14/10/20 04:00 PM
I have Charisma 14 and persuasion specialization and I still can get dice rolls at 1. Is it normal? I mean I have bonuses from charisma and persuasion specialization and my dice rolls must begin from 4?

Second problem is I can't see my save throws displays. Reflex saves, fortitude saves and will saves. It's very important informatiion. And medium armor cuts reflex saves or not? And only recently I discovered from blog that Constitution influences concentration and game doesn't inform me about it.

Posted By: dreambled Re: How does the game system work? - 14/10/20 05:39 PM
Larian has switched around how dice rolls work. Instead of adding the modifiers to what you rolled, they added them to the DC target. If you hover your mouse over it, it will provide you this information.

Reflex saves, fortitude and will saves are not a thing in 5e, but there are saving throws. Saving throws are for the same 6 primary stats (i.e. str save, dex save, con sav, etc.) and your class dictates what two stats you gain proficiency in, I haven't looked for them, but I do believe you are correct in that it is not listed outside of character creation.
Posted By: chad878262 Re: How does the game system work? - 14/10/20 06:10 PM
Concentration check in 5e is related to spells with the 'concentration' description. Spells requiring Concentration have a couple unique differences to other spells.

1. You can only have one spell requiring Concentration active at a time. So no more having your Wizard or Cleric cast 76 buffs and become better than your fighter at fighting.
2. If you take damage you have to make a Concentration check (which is modified by your Constitution modifier). If Larian has implemented it like it works in 5e PnP the Concentration DC is 10 or 1/2 the damage taken (whichever is higher). If you take damage from multiple sources you make a separate Constitution Saving throw to maintain concentration for each source of damage taken.

I haven't played the early release, but just figured I'd at least provide you with the detail on how concentration works based on 5e rules.
Posted By: Veles Re: How does the game system work? - 14/10/20 07:30 PM
Well the game doesn't show it and it's a problem. And still does heavy armor cuts dexterity saves for example?
Posted By: dreambled Re: How does the game system work? - 14/10/20 07:56 PM
No, heavy armor affects Stealth checks, and the heavier your armor becomes, the more capped your dex modifier will be towards your AC. This is shown on the armor (albeit it could be explained better).
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