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Posted By: FreshRevenge Evil Cleric?(Spoilers) - 14/10/20 05:01 PM
So I had Shadowheart open the The Necromancy of Thay book. Place the amethyst in and pass all the wisdom checks. The book closes and now I have a new tag for Shadowheart as Evil Cleric. What does that mean and how will that affect gameplay?
Posted By: SecondAchaius Re: Evil Cleric?(Spoilers) - 14/10/20 05:22 PM
Shadowheart should Already have evil cleric tag even before that.
Posted By: Nyanko Re: Evil Cleric?(Spoilers) - 14/10/20 06:28 PM
Yes, just checked. She has the evil cleric tag from the beginning.
Posted By: Veles Re: Evil Cleric?(Spoilers) - 14/10/20 07:28 PM
You can get this tag if pick an evil god as cleric. For example I selected Selune and got good cleric options in dialogues and have some hilarious talks with Shadowheart)
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