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Posted By: Cendre [Spoiler] Wyll's eye - 15/10/20 09:24 PM
Short question smile I got his eye after venturing into the gobelin camp without him, but the night after the party, he's pissed off and i have no way of talking about it. Is it necessary to do that part with him in the group, is it a bug, should i keep this miraculously intact organ with me until he notice i have it? :p
Posted By: Orbax Re: [Spoiler] Wyll's eye - 15/10/20 09:32 PM
Id be pissed to if I had to put that in my face. Did you see how much it weighs?
Posted By: Valzen Re: [Spoiler] Wyll's eye - 15/10/20 09:32 PM
I have a similar issue. I got the eye, and he was even with me when I got it, but any time I talk to him and dont see any options to give it to him.
Posted By: Orbax Re: [Spoiler] Wyll's eye - 15/10/20 09:36 PM
I had to redo the encounter with both the windmill goblin and spike three or four times each. The windmill gobbo would surrender, wyll would talk to him, get his info and then kill him. After he killed him hed say "He was supposed to just be knocked unconscious so we could question him!!"

With spike, similar thing, hed react wrong to what happened and I finally got it right. I think its easy to miss that it went wrong if youre not paying attention
Posted By: Cendre Re: [Spoiler] Wyll's eye - 15/10/20 09:44 PM
Thanks smile Too bad for him then, i'll try to remember it for another run. Another souvenir in my inventory for this one^^
Posted By: Amnixx Re: [Spoiler] Wyll's eye - 15/10/20 10:12 PM
I had the same problem with the windmill goblin. WIth Spike it seemed to work but then the dialogue got wonky. I did speak to the dead with Spike and Wyll said "let me talk to him" so I did. Seemed OK after that when we were in camp he was real happy. I am guessing the eye will matter later?
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