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Posted By: Endraca How to shoot special arrows - 17/10/20 03:40 PM
I guess this is a combination of a suggestion and a question, maybe even a bug report. I have been struggling for ages to shoot the magical arrows that I pick up e.g. acid arrows.
Initially I struggled to use them for a normal shot, then realised that they work similar to bombs/acid flasks. Then I tried to use one while doing range sneak attack, but it did not seem to be possible.
Maybe more tool tips to explain bombs/arrows/throwable items might be useful? I saw that there is a tooltip for throwing, but one for arrows might also be useful.
Posted By: shmeck Re: How to shoot special arrows - 17/10/20 05:58 PM
I also haven't been able to figure out how to sneak attack with a magic arrow.
Posted By: mothra Re: How to shoot special arrows - 17/10/20 06:27 PM
Add them to your hotbar, select and aim. Sneakattacks can't use special arrows since it's already a "spell". you can use the dip feature to e.g. light your arrows on fire and then use sneakattack and it will add the corresponding dmg type.
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