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Posted By: Stray952 Athletics - 20/10/20 12:40 AM
I feel bad asking this given how much I’ve played, but nothing came up during a search.

What does athletics actually do? I’ve yet to encounter a roll for Athletics... if there’s just a difference in jumping... that’s totally not worth choosing it as a skill.
Posted By: FrostyFardragon Re: Athletics - 20/10/20 07:19 AM
In PnP it is useful when grappling/escaping a grapple. Grappling isn't in EA yet.
Posted By: Anfindel Re: Athletics - 20/10/20 07:37 AM
I believe it also impacts things like the distance you are able to jump, for example.
Posted By: TonyKW18 Re: Athletics - 20/10/20 12:27 PM
There is at least one Athletics check to escape imprisonment in the Goblin camp. Of course, you have to be imprisoned first, and that takes takes a number of dialogue selections, and at least one racial check just to be imprisoned.

So I suspect there will be more checks. Hopefully, things like walking on beams might be included as well for acrobatics. Shadowheart with her 9 dexterity has an Olympian's balance as she moves around on a beam and is able to not only walk, but jump and attack from what appears to be a balance beam sized rafter.
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