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Posted By: The Judge Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 24/10/20 03:54 PM
SPOILER...youve been warned

So my issue, not complaint but issue, with games like this is I can never tell the difference between difficulty and my doing something I shouldn't be doing. Like Skyrim. you CAN attack the guards but the game will make it very clear you shouldn't. I am in the goblin base. I was able to talk my way in past the outer defenses. I'd also like to add these goblins are really amusing and diverse and if this is an example of the rest of the game I'm stoked. back to my question, so I'm wandering around the inner sanctum and I have lost track of how many of the little bastards are in here. There seems no end. And im suppose to assassinate a leader when there are in fact 3 here all surrounded. I don't see my doing anything without waking up the whole place like a Took in Moria. I tried to assassinate the witch, that aggro the planet. So my question is this. Am I dong something i'm under-leveled to do.....OR am I going against the grain of the game trying to do something I cant do?

I would appreciate any answer that doesn't blatantly tell me what to do. A simple , "the game is punishing you for trying to fight your way in" or "Nope you need to level and come back" will do

Also is there a way to sabotage the drums without pissing off the world?
Posted By: Azarielle Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 24/10/20 04:03 PM
Well there are 3 ways of resolving this:

1st is the direct one (you can somewhat reduce the number of mobs involved with Gut and Minthara but Razglin will always be a messy affair) also you can find formidable help for this scenario

2nd pretend to play along with their plan

3rd actually play along

The drums are currently bugged I believe as they still sound them despite being destroyed
Posted By: The Judge Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 24/10/20 04:05 PM
so youre saying it is doable to fight your way through this scenario as a legitimate approach but its challenging? Cool. thx
Posted By: Heraclea Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 24/10/20 04:06 PM
I found that if you mean to kill the goblin leaders, it is best to clear the approach area of goblins first. They call for help from the goblins outside. It helps if no one is there to answer the call. This is how I dealt with the priestess; for the drow I put a damage area beneath her before ever talking to her. (Alas, Speak with Dead didn't work on her corpse.....) Only the hobgoblin had to be fought straight up.

It also helps to destroy any drums you find.

All the goblins turn hostile only after you have killed the leaders. And if you're playing through and killing the goblins don't buy anything from the goblin traders either. Their goodies will apparently still be there. Their gold, maybe not.
I'd ask priestess Gut for help->she goes to her own room, then climb to the rafters, jump around a bit and shoot her dead from above. Minthara can be fought in her chamber pretty much hassle free since you enter from the only entryway there->no reinforcements. For Ragzlin I'd either climb to the rafters again, or go and rescue Halsin from the beastmaster or whatever to recruit his help for the fight. Of course you could at this point just go for a frontal assault. Beware of the pits around the hobgoblin though. He has a warlock whose eldritch blast can know you down.
Posted By: Azarielle Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 24/10/20 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by The Judge
so youre saying it is doable to fight your way through this scenario as a legitimate approach but its challenging? Cool. thx

Certainly is
explosives (there's a lot of barrels in the room next to priestess Gut) and having Halsin around at least for Razglin fight helps a lot, also Save often
Posted By: Gaidax Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 24/10/20 07:38 PM
You can resolve the whole plotline without killing anyone there inside the temple, except for 2 goblins or so.

Overall it's usual Larian game - if you need to do X, expect there are at least 3 different ways to do it. For example in this case you can:

1. Do the usual kill everything that moves, then break out Halsin, then clear the whole camp.
2. First break out Halsin, have him accompany you for extra firepower, kill everything.
3. Assassinate Gut in her chamber before she can call help. Offer Minthara to lead goblin army to the grove, break out Halsin and let him get out on his own, go to grove and betray Minthara. Fight reduced goblin force from grove walls with backup. Minthara dead. Only pickle is Dror Razglin now, there is a way to take him out without anyone noticing, but it seems to be bugged now and still for some reason that makes no sense aggroing everyone. Quest will complete without him anyway, though.
3b. Do not betray Minthara, kill tieflings, destroy the grove. Have a party on piles of corpses with drow sexy time.
4. Poison the wine in the goblin camp, then have a good chunk of them dead, then fight reduced force or do any of above as you see fit.

And another half a dozen options including explosives, assassinations and so on. You can kill plenty of camp dwellers without them realizing you're behind it.

Basically you have this in just about every quest you can think of. You have the obvious way or two (kill everything duh) and then you have more if you snoop around and connect the dots.
Posted By: Hasler Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 25/10/20 10:01 PM
The area with the sleeping contingent and nearby wall is perfect to kill all the outside goblins. Oddly enough that won’t aggro the inside.

Inside you can get on rafters and kill everything in relative safety, especially if you steal all explosive barrels in the store room.
Posted By: seikojin Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 27/10/20 06:31 PM
The only way not in the game that I have seen is a dialogue way to make them give up.
Posted By: Xeiom Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 28/10/20 03:24 PM
You can fight through this as a legitimate approach.

There are a good few interesting things you can do to help.

Personally I
Called upon the assistance of some Ogre's I had previously hired, and also unleashed the nearby spiders

But there are several different ways to do this with help from the world or even straight up fighting normally if you have a good team setup.

if you're struggling with the fight then you can come back when more prepared, either by leveling or getting more resources to use,etc.
If you want to play it as a game (opposed to rpg’ing it) sneak up and place some exploding barrels near the center of them. Sneak away, and then use a flame arrow to blow them up when there’s a majority of them grouped there. If you don’t have a flame arrow, of course you clan use a spell, but that will leave your caster as the primary target when battle starts. This should take out 4-5 of them if you position the barrels correctly and will also inflict burning on the ones that survive.

If you want to role play it a little more, you can do much the same by creating a “kill box” in a restrictive area that you draw them into. Use a grease spell or bottle of grease then place the barrels there. Note: if using a bottle of grease, be sure to throw it before you place the barrels. Otherwise, it will break the barrels. Then have all of your team (except for a ranged attacker) hiding approximately 60’ away in alcoves, around corners or up above (60’ is the max range for most spells and max effective range for for bows, crossbows and most of the “non-melee” spells). Then have your ranged attacker attack and fall back around a corner or into an alcove but not hide. Once the majority of the group you want to kill is in the kill box, blow it up.

Alternatively, I’ve ran the game only using a rogue (no npc’s) with the mobility feat and hid and sniped every battle. It’s a little time consuming, but since enemies typically just stand there if they don’t see you it’s relatively easy after you know the mechanics and enter into “turn-based mode” before taking a shot so you can hide and move if your stealth check fails.

As of now, wild elf rogues are the most mobile in the game. They have a base movement of 35’ per turn. If you choose thief at 3 level (opposed to arcane trickster) it gives you an extra use of dash every turn. If you choose mobility as your feat at 4th level it increases 10’ more. Equipping the ring of speed gives you 10’ more. So, you can double dash each turn and move 165’ (towards enemies for back stab, away to draw them out) and hide at the end of your movement. Keep in mind, applying dash removes your hide status.
If you want to clear it out w/o cheesing it:

1) Have a level 3 party of 4
2) You can avoid having everything decend on you by preventing gobos from getting to war drums EXCEPT Gut, she just calls out.
3) Ask to talk to gut privately (after getting brand if you want to use absolut gear) and use the wyvern poison you got from nettie to 1 shot her
4) For Minthara, just make sure no gobbo gets to the drum.
5) For the gobo chief, fight from the rafters above.

General combat guide:
How do you poison their wine? Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a source that they were drinking from.
Originally Posted by David12183
How do you poison their wine? Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a source that they were drinking from.

There is something that looks like a kettle with a stew in it, in the bonfire area in the goblin fortress courtyard. It's not obvious to spot since it's located quite close to a wall that is separating the bonfire part of the courtyard and the fast travel portal part. You can interact with it and use a "poison bottle" (not sure about the exact name) and combine it the stew. A cut-scene will trigger.
Posted By: Verte Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 04/11/20 11:12 AM
No need to waste wyvern poison on Gut, there much tougher enemies in other part of the world. Gut is easy to kill, she vs whole party. About poisoning their wine/stew/whatever it is, I think it will hurn them hostile so prepare yourself, put caster above and so on.
Posted By: Nyanko Re: Am I suppose to be doing this SPOILERS - 04/11/20 01:49 PM
There are some funny things you can do. For instance, get inside the spiders cage, talk to them or use animal handling to get them on your side and then open the gate with the lever inside. The mayhem is so intense, you will have no problem getting rid of Gut that way.
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