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Can companions use tadpole powers independently?

I just had the third tadpole dream without having used the tadpole first.
The morning after Lae'zel confessed she was to blame.
This had never happened to me before Patch 4. Had I just missed it or is it a recent addition?
Did you use Lae'zels tadpole power in battle?
I did, but probably not just hers (I will load a save and check when I have the chance). But I made extensive use of tadpole powers in battle in most playthroughs and I've never seen this cutscene before, that's why I was wondering if this is something new or just something I've missed all this time (I did do quite a few things differently in this run).
Posted By: Dexai Re: SPOILERS? - Companions and their tadpoles - 14/03/21 03:09 PM
It's something new for this patch, I think. At least I didn't notice it in any previous playthroughs.
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