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Posted By: mick_v2 Patch7: Spiders floating on their webs - 19/02/22 11:57 AM
During the phase spider fight I destroyed their web bridges but they could still walk across as though a path was there. Also if I destroyed a web bridge while a spider was on it they stayed floating in place and could still take their full turn as though nothing had happened.
Posted By: Natalie Re: Patch7: Spiders floating on their webs - 20/02/22 08:00 AM
Yes i have that issue also and when fighting the Matriarch and i burn the web she is standing on, she does not fall to the ground, but stays "floating" in the air
I can confirm the same issue. I really like watching eight legs take a decent chunk of fall damage. Hoping it gets patched soon. A minor inconvenience but definitely turned up the Matriarch fight with my level 3 party.
Same, and it's not just the spiders. Players can also continue to move across the spaces as though the webs were still there even after the fight is over.

Also, thrown weapons will land on them.
Posted By: jmos Re: Patch7: Spiders floating on their webs - 22/02/22 04:24 PM
Same issues. When I burned away the webs, there was a nice animation of them disappearing, but the spider (both the matriarch, and a regular phase spider) didn't fall. The matriarch actually showed a little line of dialog by it's head, something like "hum...", I forget exactly, but it acknowledged something happened. I didn't break stealth, so it kept strolling on the non-existent web.

Also when I killed both spiders, who were standing on a destroyed web when they died, they both fell to the ground below, as you would expect. However, when I went to loot them, the engine walked me back up to the level of the destroyed web and out on the non-existent web, and then looted the body.

I also thought it was strange no spiderlings spawned during my combat?! I destroyed the eggs near the Matriarch, but only that one clutch. I didn't happen to look to see if the others were still there, or if they were removed. I was able to land Laezel's menacing attack each round, so maybe that's why? The matriarch did attack from range, but never moved, and didn't hatch any eggs. It was a very different combat then my previous (6 or so) playthroughs.
Hi Folks!

I can confirm this bug - it happened on my most recent playthrough (Seldarine Drow dual-weapon fighter, with Lae'zel, Shadowheart, and Gale - all level 3). In the past I was able to firebomb the web the Phase Spider Queen was standing on, and she took a good chunk of damage, but this time out, I had to do it the hard way. laugh (We won, but just barely. Gale was the last one standing with like 2 hp. THAT'S a first. laugh )

Additionally, characters who don't have the spider boots will become enwebbed near the destroyed webs.


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