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Thought I'd post my solution to this issue in case anybody else is experiencing this.

As of Patch 7, though I am able to launch a new game just fine, I am unable to continue/load existing saves. What happens is that once I load, about 50%-70% into the loading bar, the background images disappear and I have a loading bar on black background. A few seconds after the loading bar reaches 100%, the loading bar disappears and only the black screen remains. Nothing else happens, no matter how long I wait, all the while the CPU is at 70%-80% capacity.

This happens for my entire 'real life' party, and we have a mix of Nvidia 1000-series and AMD 6000-series GPUs.

After a lot of trial and error, I've discovered that setting all settings in the Lighting section to low/very low completely solves this issue. No issues with staying on Ultra for all the other settings.

Hope that helps, I've spent way too much time on this crazy
I don't know what you had to go thru to come up with this solution...but it works. I was having the same problem and to be completely honest I was somewhat skeptical that this would work. Have tried it on 2 different profiles that I have. Worked both times. After I have the game started and loaded I go back in and restore my lighting settings and proceed. Bit of a pain in the but to have to load this way, but...Tip of the hat to you sir.
You are officially my new hero.
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