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Doing a new playthrough with the Barbarian (and I'm really enjoying how everytime in dialogues I want a "I am very strong and getting very annoyed" option, I have it!) however I've noticed that I don't seem to have much, if any, dialogue with some characters; beyond the first camp dialogue with Gale in particular ("Tell me about yourself") there hasn't been a peep out of him; this is despite sorting out the druids grove in the way he would like, going through his ressurection shenanigans and having his approval in "High". Shadowheart's been the next chattiest, however again besides the usual 'big moment' events like her glowing-hand-syndrome (yet to get to the goblin camp and have the soul-cube one) she's not really had anything to say.

What pings my radar as this being a technical issue is when I first stopped for camp, right after killing the goblins at the druid gate and dropping a save, the companions did have dialogue with me; shadowheart was asking me what her dream meant about her being a "beautiful weapon". This is despite no tadpole use!
I promptly reloaded; after the reload, no dialogue was there (even if I camped immediately again).

As an aside, I also noted Gale didn't comment on Shadowheart's eyes when he joined the party. Which makes the later dialogue between shadowheart and gale nonsensicle.
The same. Was playing during patch 5, and now replaying with patch 7, and noticed that Gale has no line with Shadowheart during first meeting, and then during first camp there is no dialog with Gale where he stares at fire and says "Go to Hell". Or no dialog where he is watching at his "dublicate". He now just have only 2 lines: "tell me about yoursels" and "join me". Nothing more. Very boring character.

Though he has a dialog after meeting devil... and if you ask him, who are cambions there will be a missing line: no soud, "-" in subs, and character just moving lips...
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