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Posted By: Teshkal unable to load saves after closing the game - 21/03/22 12:11 AM
hey, i can create new chracters fine but every time i close the game and then try to load any save file the game looks like this:


i can click to make my characters move but no other functionality or hotkey works.

this happenes with and without mods installed.

i verified the game files and my drivers are up to date.

this issue makes it impossible to play the game this patch so i could use some assistance here please.
Yep I have the exact same issue - the only difference is that mine didn't work correctly in the previous patch - loading saved games just produced a black screen, followed by the game crashing.

We could really use some assistance with this please guys.
experimented a bit further and found that i can load saves during the tutorial. as soon as i leave the ship i can't load any saves without the issue mentioned above.
I'm having same issue and identical symptoms.
Same issues! I also have had steam validate the files and it did not find any issue
Same Problem , still not fixed ????
What I do I open the BG3 Folder and start from there the game. The graphics is limited but at least I can play. Please fix this Problem. What I also figured out. In the Task Manager I see BG3 two times then the game looks funny and does not work. Larian please fix this.
any of you find a fix? same issue here...tried running as administrator, tried reinstalling, i agree it has to do with after tutorial maybe.
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