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Posted By: Nyingjé Game not loading at all anymore - 25/04/22 08:09 PM
Hello everyone !

I have a big problem and wondered if anyone had the same or if there is workaround/patch planned to fix that ? I'm pretty new, got the game a few days ago.
Here is the problem: I can't load my game anymore. Both manual saves and autosaves brings me to this result :

[Linked Image from]

Half the UI is missing, there is nothing loaded except the terrain. No character, no sound, nothing. When I try to click anywhere, go to camp or open the map (the icons appears when you hover the mouse to where they are supposed to be) the game just crashes.

So basically :

- Open the game though Steam, Larian launcher, launch game with Vulkan -> OK
- Loads to main screen -> OK
- Select continue/load game - manual save/load game - autosave -> OK
- Loading screen -> OK
- Game loaded -> KO ( Only terrain loaded, no assets, no characters, no sound. Clicks anywhere, game freezes and crash.)

I have played for more than 12 hours and had no problem so far except some bugs and bumps, but it's an early acess game after all. Thing is that time, I can't play at all anymore.
Haven't changed anything in my hardware or software, no drivers or windows update. Played just fine for 12 hours on this save so far.

Does anyone have a workaround or knows if the devs are aware of this ... ?

Thank you

EDIT: I seems to have managed to find a workaround. Loaded a very old autosave file, it loaded normally. Then from the loaded old autosave, I loaded my latest manual save file. It loaded ! I'm going to test this again if it keeps happening, will keep updates.
Posted By: Cxn0869 Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 07/05/22 06:46 PM
I am experiencing the same bug. Happens when you choose "CONTINUE" from the Main Menu. I have tried updating my drivers without any success. I have spoke with others with the same issue on the official discord. Does anyone have a fix? Or are more people experiencing this issue?
Posted By: Cxn0869 Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 08/05/22 05:30 PM

Tried to redownload the game after a full uninstall and reinstall. Still the same bug when i click "Continue" on the Main Menu.
Posted By: Cxn0869 Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 08/05/22 05:37 PM
OK, so now i cannot even load a save manually and enter. Still the same bug. Can someone from Larian help with this issue? Are we the only two people experiencing this?
Posted By: Cxn0869 Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 08/05/22 05:41 PM

OK I tried to Manual Save like the OP did. Did not work. I am not sure what is wrong. I will likely take a break till the next Patch and hopefully all will be fixed.
Posted By: Alos Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 09/05/22 05:54 AM
Can you play a new game and not start from a saved file?
Posted By: SilentRave Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 09/05/22 08:58 PM
As of Patch 7 this keeps happening to me as well....
Posted By: Cxn0869 Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 14/05/22 03:24 AM
So Larian helped me open a ticket and i think i know what it is. Everytime i play now i have to open the game with the .exe file from the actual folder AND i turn off my antivirus software. THIS method helps fix the loading for me. Both of those two methods together. I havent tried to do them without doing the other. Additionally, i manually load my save.
Posted By: Cxn0869 Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 15/05/22 04:34 PM
Last night i tried the methods again and it didnt work. I am going to take a break for a while and wait for optimization to happen. I cannot play the entire game in one sitting. Saving isnt working because nothing loads
Posted By: Phaded Re: Game not loading at all anymore - 24/05/22 09:32 PM
I'll re post this here, checking almost every day for a damn fix to no avail. Maybe something here will work for you...

For me the saves stop working as soon as you crash on the beach in the beginning, they seem to work before that, from a new game i can load just fine as long as I dont close out the program or go to the main menu, as soon as i do that the loads stop working...when I reported the problem I tried every solution they could think of and i still cant get it working. Its been happening since the barbarian patch. This is what they recommend.

On Tue, 12 Apr at 3:10 AM , BG3 Support <> wrote:
Are you shutting down all non-essential programs (especially anti-virus) before starting the game? Firewalls can cause conflicts (generally on startup or loading screens) and overlays from graphics tweaking/monitoring programs or chat programs can also cause issues.

Try dropping the graphics settings, lower the resolution and switch to Windowed display mode, to see if that makes a difference.

If you start a new game, can you make a manual save and load it properly? Moving a bit from the initial character position can trigger an auto save, which might overwrite one from your current playthrough.
If that works, can you then load the latest save from your current playthrough?

Try browsing to the 'C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\LevelCache' folder and delete the contents. A corrupt file there can cause problems, usually when saving or loading. The easiest way to get there would be to copy the line below into the location bar in Explorer and hit Enter.
%LocalAppData%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\LevelCache

In the launcher, try switching between DirectX 11 and Vulkan, as applicable, to see if that makes a difference.

Try exiting out of the Steam client and starting the game directly from the '..\SteamApps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\bin' folder, by right clicking the executable (bg3.exe for Vulkan, or bg3_dx11.exe) and running as administrator.
Try right clicking the executable, select Properties, switch to the Compatibility tab and check off the 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' option (set it to Application), run as administrator and disable fullscreen optimization, and maybe set a Win 7 or 8 compatibility mode. In Windows 7, check off the option to 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings', disable desktop composition and run as administrator.

If that doesn't help, please reply with your latest save (or a Dropbox or Google drive link, etc).
In Explorer you can zip a file or folder by right clicking on it/them and selecting 'Send To | Compressed (zipped) Folder'.
Each save is a folder in the 'C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder. The fastest way to get there would probably be to copy the line below into the location bar in Explorer and hit Enter, then browse down from there.
%LocalAppData%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles

Please also include a dxdiag report (WinKey-R, type in dxdiag and hit enter, then when it finishes loading click on the 'Save All Information...' button and save the report somewhere handy).
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