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I'm having trouble with the screen going to black after initiating dialogue with Wyll after killing Spike in combat. I can access the settings page, but I have to reload a save to "fix" this issue. I've seen others have a similar problem in other areas. Is there a reliable work around that I haven't seen?

I've also has Wyll try to cast Speak with Dead on Spike, but he'll go through the motions, Spike's body will raise, but then nothing. Again, I have to go back to a previous save to continue playing.

Much love and thanks!
I had the same problem, but reloaded and tried again and it worked, and then again and got black screen again. I'm not sure what the difference was, but in the games where I got the black screen I had freed Liam before killing Spike, and in at least one of them (and possibly both) Wyll struck the killing blow against Spike, whereas in the game where I got Wyll's post-Spike dialogue it was definitely another party member. This all was in a playthrough where Spike was already hostile so I didn't get the cutscene with him at the torture machine.

Unfortunately, like you once I'd got the black screen I couldn't find any way out except to reload.

I did report the black-screen bug to Larian support who said they'd replicated it, and also that the fact that Spike couldn't be spoken with dead was already a known issue.

EDIT: Actually, there was a sort of workaround. When the screen is black then it is possible to save, and then reload. I was then able to continue the game, but Wyll's post-Spike dialogue was missed and his personal quest didn't update. But given that I don't think there's a lot more of it that can be done in EA (possibly just a follow-up chat about who he's looking for) that may not matter to you!
I'll try that. As much I as would love to hear Wyll's dialogue, I'd rather continue my play through.

My party got caught trying to sneak kill the bosses, so the entire Shattered Sanctum is hostile (including Spike, obviously). I had Cloud of Daggers in a bottleneck position, so I didn't realize he was part of the fight until it was too late. I was surprised Wyll even had the option to Speak with Dead, given it was his spell that killed Spike.
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