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Posted By: Isaac Springsong Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 07:21 AM
This one deserves its own thread. Currently Wizards can scribe *any* spell into their spellbook. While I love having Healing Word on my Wizard, they really shouldn't have that.
Posted By: Vileintent Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 07:28 AM
i personally have not seen that in my game
Posted By: anastus Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 07:44 AM
I'm not sure that this is unintentional. Given that Shadowheart is the only pure NPC healer you can recruit right now, it lets Gale have a little more functionality and flexibility in the party. I know this isn't strict to 5E, but neither is the rest of the game.
Posted By: Nyanko Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 09:13 AM
They are wizards though. Which means anything written in the magic language on a scroll or in a book should technically be available for them to use. Unless of course, divine scrolls don't use the same language.
Posted By: Lanetolsun Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 11:07 AM

Taken from 5e Rulebook ;

A spell scroll bears the words of a single spell, written as a mystical cipher. If the spell is on your class's spell list, you can read the scroll and cast its spell without providing any material components. Otherwise, the scroll is unintelligible.

So , Wizard's should not be able to read/cast/scribe spell scrolls if it's not on their spell list. So any Bard, Druid, Cleric, Sorcerer, Warlock, subclass etc. specific spells should not be learned. There are some common spells amongst these disciplines rest is class spesific. Healing word is for example, Cleric-Bard-Druid,Artificier, Divine Soul only. -> Healing Word.

This makes Wizard too powerful and cannot be done just to balance out healing in my opinion. A big BUG/Error in my opinion.
Posted By: Dark_Ansem Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 11:08 AM
AS much as I love this, because I do want to be able to cast inflict wounds with my wizard...
Posted By: Ocean_Potion Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 08/10/20 01:37 PM
It costs 50 gold a pop to learn a spell, where are you getting all the gold??
Posted By: killerdude78 Re: Wizards Learning Every Spell - 09/10/20 06:39 AM
from coin purse i just swiped from that out of the way merchant. seriously i got 3000 gp within the 1st 1-2 hours. currently sitting at over 12k. stealing is the way to go if you can pull it off, you can snag some great stuff early on.
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