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Posted By: Merek Mahkoloompah *Spoilers* - 09/10/20 05:38 AM
Windows, Steam Edition

In the festering cove, I stumbled upon fish people worshiping BOOOAL, after beating him and talking to Pooldripp the Zealous my dialogue is frozen and I can't choose an option. I'm playing single-player and when I choose an option it only shows my portrait. Also when talking to Pooldripp, his name doesn't appear in the cinematic, only my character's name (Will)

Imgur Link:
Posted By: killerdude78 Re: Mahkoloompah *Spoilers* - 09/10/20 06:14 AM
had the same issue except i got locked into the dialogue as if im in coop, and it shows my steam id next to each answer i choose. But the dialogue is never confirmed, so im stuck in the dialogue choosing section unable to get out unless i reload.
Posted By: HAL9000 Re: Mahkoloompah *Spoilers* - 09/10/20 03:46 PM
Same, it thinks I'm co-op so it forces me to wait for the other (inexistent) players to cast their vote, which obviously doesn't happen and it gets stuck...
Posted By: DeeperThought Re: Mahkoloompah *Spoilers* - 13/05/21 05:20 PM
This is fixed, I posted discussion about it under this thread:
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