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Posted By: UltimaBACON *SPOILER* Druid aftermath - 09/10/20 06:59 AM
Platform: Windows
Store: Steam

Wyll apparently gets killed in the aftermath of the battle with Kagha in the Druid Circle if he's not in your party. This happened even though I had previously talked to him in the TIefling camp and sent him to my camp. Is this something that is supposed to be able to happen?
Posted By: UltimaBACON Re: *SPOILER* Druid aftermath - 09/10/20 05:52 PM
Update: I tried this battle again, and this time I took Wyll with me to the battle with Kagha. Once it was done, Wyll was walking away from the rest of the party. When I talked to him, the dialogue was like he had never joined the party or the camp in the first place. I picked the option to have him join, he said the party was "full up," even though he was in the party. He kept walking away, while still showing up as a member of the party.
Posted By: Tanlen Re: *SPOILER* Druid aftermath - 09/10/20 06:15 PM
I hadn't spoke with Wyll period but during the party after killing the goblin leaders he was at my camp as a follower and talking as though we had met.
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