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Posted By: nomadsoulfire Damage calculations - 14/10/20 07:14 AM
This seems a big issue dmg calculations seem not to be working right attacks of 1d6+3 are getting minimum hits of 1 when the minimum should be 4(1d6+3=4-10 dmg range) I have noticed this on almost every character and weapon type I have tried so far. 2d6+4 getting a dmg of 1, the only one I haven't had this so far is warlock, eldritch blast+agonizing blast+hex (1d10+5+1d6) but this only seems to be because in this case each dmg source is calculated individually instead of attack+mod it is attack and mod.
Posted By: Shiraiyuki Re: Damage calculations - 14/10/20 09:00 AM
Where and on what are you doing your testing? Some enemies and objects have resistances to specific damage types in which will subtract off of your damage total. You can examine enemies, objects and NPCs by right clicking and pressing examine. So even if you roll that minimal 1 and get that + 3 added from your ability bonus, they might be reducing it by 3 damage from resistance, right back down to that 1. You can also check this in the combat log if your damage was reduced. The reason you've never seen your Eldritch Blast hit a 1 is because (so far as I remember) it's force damage and nothing has resistance to it. The tutorial area is full of enemies with resistances, so it's not a good testing ground.
Posted By: nomadsoulfire Re: Damage calculations - 15/10/20 05:53 PM
Most of the testing I have done for dmg is on the goblins, I am sure goblins don't have dmg resistance to anything. I should have stated this in the first post I know how resistance works and that many enemy's have it, but all the monsters I started noticing this on shouldn't have any resistance. Phase spiders don't have resistances, goblins, gnolls? also minimum dmg for an attack like 1d6+3 even with resistance would be 2 not 1, 4 cut in half is 2 making it still imposable by 5e dmg calculations to get a 1. even changing the dmg to something like 1d6+2 should still be giving 2 because resistance splits favor the attacker you round up not down when a dmg split would end in a .5.
Posted By: Nezix Re: Damage calculations - 15/10/20 06:07 PM
Can you open up the combat log and take a look at what it says? Near the bottom right hand of the screen there is something to expand it out (you'll have to scroll to the bottom after).
Posted By: nomadsoulfire Re: Damage calculations - 15/10/20 06:37 PM
none of the attacks I have done show if a person has resistance to the attack but just to test this out some more I used Wyll as a tester hit him with melee and ranged attacks then hit him with the attacks and had him use blade ward. On a bludgeoning critical attack 1d6+2 I just got dmg of 2 this one was with blade ward up so dmg should have still been a minimum of 3, with out blade ward I got a dagger attack of 2, 1d4+3. will play with testing this way for a while so there is no doubt to what I am seeing with it. Wyll has no armor, items, or other ability's that give him resistance set up other than blade ward and blade ward only last for 1 round. Also thank you I didn't even know there was a battle log that will make future testing on this much easier.
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