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Posted By: Kolvaer [BUG] [SPOILERS] Astarion Needs A Snickers - 14/10/20 02:22 PM
I went to camp for the first time after having Astarion wait there instead of join my party on the road (Also after finding an animal drained of blood).

My party was attacked at camp and I knocked him unconscious. The BUG is when I then went to sleep and the whole Astarion wants to suck my blood thing happens... EXCEPT Astarion is actually replaced by my Custom Character and in the place of my Custom Character is Shadowheart on the bedroll.

... it was an odd experience lol.
thanks for the laugh..
A similar thing happened to me. Astarion presumably drained me dry as the screen faded to black. Then I am alive, waking up at camp, with Shadowheart dead in her sleeping roll in a pool of blood. I talked to Astarion and he said that he already apologized (for killing me?). There is a combination of missing cutscenes and dialogue and/or a bug where Shadowheart dies instead of the PC.
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