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Posted By: Veles I can't speak with Gale anymore - 15/10/20 11:38 AM
Well everything was okay untill I went to the party camp third fourth time. I pressed talk icon on Gale and nothing hapenned. I tried something else - press right mouse button and pick "talk" and no results. Does somebody meet the problem?
Posted By: Counterfly Re: I can't speak with Gale anymore - 15/10/20 04:49 PM
I have seen a few of these types of bugs on the forums so far.
I just had one where Asterion bugged out. He stopped being able to be moved or perform an action after a battle.
He would fast travel with the party...but would not move at the new location either.
I asked him to leave the party and go back to camp. Once that was done his avatar just stayed next to my party, but he was no longer in the party.
After that I headed to camp. When the teleport was almost done I heard him say "Hey!?" Like he was saying, "Dude, you forgot me!"
Once in camp he was not there to interact with. So I headed back to the map.
Once there I could still see his avatar...he was talking just standing there saying "I need help.." just like he does when you first come across him.
I cannot get the chat bubble cursor to appear in order to speak to him....but I can shoot him.
I have not tried to kill and resurrect him yet to see if that will clear the bug.

Basically, I think there are quit a few of these kind of bugs happening.
Does anyone know where to report bugs besides creating threads on the forums?
Posted By: luqueplayer Re: I can't speak with Gale anymore - 15/10/20 05:33 PM
I had the same issue with Lae'zel
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