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Posted By: Cowoline Conversations won't trigger - 18/10/20 04:24 PM
I have experienced two conversations (that I know of) that either won't or can't trigger.

The first one is where Gale (supposedly) teaches you about the weave - which also starts his romance

The other is a conversation with Astarion, where he is stargazing. I have been able to trigger this once, but it seemed to happen waaaaay too early and I haven't been able to trigger it otherwise.

I have had very few conversations with Wyll, so while I can't be specific about which are missing I am getting a feeling that some are.

Posted By: Endraca Re: Conversations won't trigger - 20/10/20 09:26 AM
I did not even know there were other conversations with party members besides their quests and the celebration at camp, so yeah people are missing conversations.
Posted By: Azarielle Re: Conversations won't trigger - 20/10/20 09:49 AM
Astarion's only triggers if you get his approval up somewhat before learning he's a vampire (yeah I know what are the odds?)

Gale's seems really bugged -it took me 2 playthroughs without ever stumbling upon it, then I decided I'm not moving on with the next PC until I get it. From what I can tell (though there are some people who claim it can happen with higher approval) your approval with him shouldn't exceed "high" and the death quest should proc correctly + a lot of travelling using waypoints and camping.

Wyll's only happen if you take him to Windmill
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