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Posted By: Sigi98 Goblin guards attacking other goblins - 21/10/20 04:51 PM
A bug I've stumbled upon today: in the cellar of the selune temple where Halsin is being held in a cage (in bear shape), I joined the goblins at throwing stones at him. He then attacked, and the gobiln children immediately ran to get the guards (good litte goblin children!). When said guards arrived, they were hostile both to me AND to all the other goblins and wargs that were on my side, as I was fighting the bear (Halsin). Then 'my' goblins killed the enemy goblins and he fight ended.
Posted By: Ectheldir Re: Goblin guards attacking other goblins - 21/10/20 04:58 PM
This is indeed weird. I did the exact same thing and the Goblin-Guards that rushed in worked completely as they should.

I still feel bad for killing Halsin though and him getting ripped apart by the worgs afterwards.
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