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Posted By: Captain Awesome Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 26/10/20 05:04 AM
Hello there.
Encountered this bug and figured I should report it as I've seen something like it a few times but this time is particularly...breaking.

Occasionally, I encounter a bug in which a party member can't be talked to at camp. Usually, I've found beating them to death and then resurrecting them like you're playing a Halo: Combat Evolved Marine remedies this, however this does not seem to be the case with my current encounter of this bug.

Lae'zel, while rather close to her tent, is not stuck in any way. I can shove her around and she's free to walk back, however I simply cannot speak with her at all, no matter how many times I use her face to give the camp a fresh new coat of paint. It does not seem to be resetting her A.I. or anything at all. What's worse is, if I kill her, my revivify scrolls count her as an 'invalid target' and Rob Zombie off by the beach seems to not even acknowledge the dead elephant in the room either.

Hope this helps you guys. Love the game so far.
Make bards soon for me. grin
Posted By: Ole Draco Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 26/10/20 12:20 PM
I too have this problem. Exactly as you have described. I find it particularly funny because it seems we both tried the halo marine method of fixing it. I even took a hill giant strength potion and tried to throw her to no success (not the throwing part, the talking part).

It seems my influence with her can only change in the camp too. If I talk to Shadowheart about Shar in camp, it lowers,but outside of camp, it does not. Unfortunate, because its the celebration night. I can't end the day because I'm trying to get my influence up to... well, we both know why I'm trying to get my Lae'zel approval up.

I really hope they fix it.
Posted By: Vlkohor Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 04/11/20 07:22 PM
I have the same problem, seems it happened at the time I encountered the Githianki patrol. I released Laezel and can´t talk to her from that time.
Posted By: Tialune Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 21/11/20 04:38 PM
I have run into this as well.
Some time after the Githyanki fight at the Mountain Pass gate, when I removed Lae'zel from the party she became unable to be interacted with outside of attacking her at camp. I cannot talk to her or bring her back into the party.
If you kill her, the quests related to her are marked as "She died" and go "completed" status. She cannot be brought back through scrolls or the Talkative Skeleton.

This has happened on two separate games. But I only realized it was after the Mountain Pass mission as I kept Lae'zel in the party almost the whole time on my first game.

After some experimenting I have found that this can be avoided if you DO NOT bring Laezel and confront the githyanki on your own. And then use the map disc yourself.
The moment you bring Laezel to this encounter and return to camp, removing her from the party will cause all of the above problems. This will, however, lose you out on a chance for story dialogue and laezel approval increase chance.
Posted By: Half Alive Ice Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 22/11/20 01:51 AM
Just chiming in to say I've been having the same problem. She also has an exclamation point over her head and the game tells me someone in camp wants to talk to me before I go to sleep, but she can't be interacted with. Seems to have been triggered by the same thing as the above.
Posted By: Magronomicon Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 22/11/20 04:21 PM
Same for me. Lae can only be beaten to death... no more talks... I know that she deserve to be killed but she is the only fighter i have and without her i know i'll have big problems.
Posted By: Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 24/11/20 11:34 PM
Just got this now. So annoying.
Posted By: Feud Raultha Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 24/11/20 11:47 PM
I WILL be naming my Bard “Lemmiwinks”!!!
Posted By: Choosen of KEK Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 27/11/20 04:16 AM
I also ran into this issue and had to reload a few saves back.
Posted By: Ellenhard Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 27/11/20 01:15 PM
Would be nice if this issue would be fixed, maybe even by the new patch? (+1 to all others).
Posted By: Gibberling Re: Lae'zel Unable to Be Spoken With - 27/11/20 01:47 PM
Got this after Githyanki fight as well. I did that one before the goblins and Laezel remained stuck until the tiefling party in camp. Her dialogue was normal after that so I'm guessing this is because the Githyanki quest is incomplete in EA, so it must have something to do with her being stuck on that dialogue tree until it's reset back towards the main plotline.
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