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Posted By: BraveSirRobin Crash ~ Dual Wielding Hand Xbows? - 26/10/20 06:07 PM
I seem to have the game crash to desktop a few seconds to a few minutes after equipping a hand crossbow in each hand. If I go back and load a save from before equipping them I can play without issue but then will crash again whenever I equip them. Sent the auto generated crash thing a couple of times. After it crashes I cannot even restart the game without it crashing until I restart my computer. I am running with updated drivers and DX11. Other than this the game has been quite stable with over 100 hours played between me and son.
Posted By: Ectheldir Re: Crash ~ Dual Wielding Hand Xbows? - 26/10/20 06:22 PM
Yeah, I had the same problem and I have seen the issue pop up here a couple of times already.
Only thing you can do is load a save from before you equipped the crossbows or start a new character. Otherwise the game will just keep crashing.
I hope Larian is by now aware of the issue, but I imagine they have quite the backlog of crash-reports.
Posted By: BraveSirRobin Re: Crash ~ Dual Wielding Hand Xbows? - 26/10/20 06:43 PM
Excellent, should have searched to see if the issue was new before making new thread. Thanks.
Posted By: Grymm Re: Crash ~ Dual Wielding Hand Xbows? - 27/10/20 01:39 PM
100% Kept getting crashes and thought it was a fault with climbable surfaces as it always crashed there (duergar outpost) , but have tested that once I had equipped two hand-crossbows to the thief, it all broke. Gone back in Saves to when I just had the one hand-crossbow equipped and no issue. A simple test: can you unequip without a crash. Have a lot to go back through now that I have reverted to an old save, but the restarts were starting to get a little irritating.
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