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Posted By: DrNikolai Shadow Druids Bug - 28/10/20 09:54 PM
When confronting Kagha with the swamp/marsh information she says "What?" It immediately exits the PC out of the cinematic/dialogue feature, but has everyone stuck in chat. Prevents that PC from continuing the conversation. Reloading does not seem to fix it at this time. I will attempt to talk to other NPC's prior to confronting her.
Posted By: DrNikolai Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 28/10/20 10:29 PM
So I have tried a variety of things, including restarting the game and other conversation dialogues. The only way I could get around it was by attacking her mid conversation, but that caused everyone with the exception of Rath to become hostile. Once the combat was completed Rath was friendly and could not believe she went to the dark side.
Posted By: Randomhumanplayr Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 28/10/20 10:55 PM
I had a different bug for the shadow druids, new to patch 27-10 perhaps, or because of the order of events.

At the spot in the swamp where you find the note, I found the note, but couldn't pick it up. I could read it, send it to camp, but couldn't send it to any player character or pick it up with any player character. Not even from the chest in camp it got sent to, or after loading again, could I pick up the note. Also, reading the note didn't impact my characters or quests at all. Might be because I read the note after defeating the goblins with Halsin, so he was at the Grove at the time I found the note, but I assume it is more likely part of the bug preventing me from picking it up.
Posted By: Jinafire Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 29/10/20 06:01 AM
i think the problem is the fact that i cannot loot the letter from the tree. i can only move it to the camp chest but cannot transfer it to a character or move it to the ground and pick it up
Posted By: Rylee Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 29/10/20 10:11 AM
A couple of workarounds were found in a thread about this yesterday. Hopefully one will help you.

You can hit the spacebar to progress the dialogue. You don't get the visuals but you will get the full dialogue text.
Alternatively you can have one of your not dialogue locked characters kill one of the unmasked druids and combat will ensue (breaking the dialogue).

From my meager testing both work arounds had NPCs acting correctly after.
Posted By: DrNikolai Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 29/10/20 04:46 PM
I attempted the spacebar trick, but nothing happened during my play through. I was essentially forced to attack the NPC and initiate combat. Fortunately Rath was still friendly after this incident and for the duration of this particular area. When I attacked one of the shadow druids prior, everyone attacked me, which was not ideal, though I did get to kill some of my not so favorite NPC's in that area.

I am curious if an update caused this issue as I was able to do the cinematic on a different play through, with the exception of the NPC's being stretched out all over the screen. Still an interesting part of the story.

For the note, I had the same issue and could not figure out what to do with it other than attempt to pick it up or send it to my camp. I am glad that they have something implemented dialogue wise for those of us who tend to read things but do not collect the notes. One thought may be to have all papers in a separate log, similar to the "L" hot key that lets you review quest. Then you would save things you have read, and not have a cluttered bag as well.
Posted By: Rylee Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 29/10/20 05:36 PM
I had played through the confrontation prior to the most recent update as well with no problem besides the weird shadow druid transformation bit. So I think it's something they fiddled with in the latest update.
Posted By: Tinumbra Re: Shadow Druids Bug - 10/12/20 07:28 AM
Had the same bug and was able to fix it with spacebar spam but after that I can't side with shadow druids. When I choose "take the Grove - I won't stand in your way" they just tell me, "Oh, but you already have. Or does my memory fails me so completely?" This still happens if I agree to Kagha's request and kill Zevlor and also if I let tiefling girl die to snake.
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