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The water caused a massive frame drop and lag in the game. Thus making the last jump to the hurt fellow and his "party" about impossible using the 'W, A, S, D' move camera "center-mouse-L/Rmouse" to find the spot the graphic (white arrow of leap and landing circle) about damn near impossible to locate. I spent over and hour adjusting video quality and restarts (of game) to get 4 of us and my imp to the poor-die'n fellow.

Granted I'm a laptop ASUS couple of years old, but proc and drive and memory are within min-limits - my graphics have been fine at High up-to this area.

Enjoying it other than that bloody camera behind an invisible object makes for some very slow play at times. Meaning, I rotate the camera to see the land (hopefully) in front of my lead toon, click and find out I clicked on the top of a tree some 5 - 10 feet behind where I really want to progress to in the initial click.

So not really a "bug" just a pain-in-the-arse camera/movement issue.
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