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Posted By: tijsva Can't access save games - 10/12/20 02:17 PM
I can't seem to access my previous save files, none of them. Clicking 'Load saved game' does nothing. Am I missing something? Is this a known bug?
Posted By: MrDioneo Re: Can't access save games - 10/12/20 06:37 PM
Did you notice the big warning when you updated the game that saves from older versions would not be playable?
Posted By: Lolmer Re: Can't access save games - 10/12/20 07:22 PM
The patch notes, and several other posts (e.g. Updated: Pre-patch Announcement including in the launcher window when you start the game, said that current save games will be incompatible with the new patch. Are these saves from the latest patch from that announcement, or before?
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