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I often pan around the world and have the party walk multiple screens without looking at them. This means that when I hear the sound of a perception check there is a good chance that my characters are no longer close to whatever triggered the check and if it's a smallish object seeing the shimmering is incredibly hard. It has also happened a few times that a dialogue starts at the same time the perception check is rolled which also has me having to search every damn pixel of the screen after a thing that maybe wasn't there before.

Please just add a button or something I can hit to ping all "Previously hidden objects that were revealed by perception checks" that are currently on screen, or ping them on the minimap, or add a text-box and write out "you found a 'small opening'" so that I at least know I'm looking for a small opening
I struggle to find too. Some sort of hilight function would be nice
+1 its not so easy to notice what has been revealed with the perception check
Also it would be nice to somehow backtrack or highlight companion barks as well once they happen as i tend to miss them
You can see the barks in a fairly well hidden log. First toggle Journal (L) then hit Dialogue up in the center and you'll see all the "conversations" that have taken place the last day. Click a specific one and you'll get the text.
Agreed. I mean there IS a highlight function (holding ALT), but it seems to pick and choose what it highlights, and doesn't highlight all interactables ... it seems almost completely random, and thus isn't very reliable.
+1 it's really hard to see what my party picked up with perception checks. (Especially the first playthrough).
I think this constant clicking to choose a new waypoint is the main culprit.

Driving your character forward with wsad is something I really miss.
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