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Posted By: EstherEloise List of issues I encountered - 12/01/21 07:34 PM
Once game stops responding, alt tab won't function properly and situation ask for computer shutdown. Direct 11 using during that time

Characters starts the save with arms stretch out, like they intend to fly

Game is suffering from fps drops/or stuttering every once a while.

game is using 6000 units of memory, during last crash, during Vulkan use.

Also, when rerolling the chec is present, sometimes you can't restart by loading a save, and dice won't leave the screen, making choices and dialogue unable to close.
Posted By: EstherEloise Re: List of issues I encountered - 12/01/21 07:35 PM
I'm windows 10 user, have relatively powerful comp, setup coming soon
I lowered the settings from default. I lower the shadows and some other things. But it didn't helped.
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