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Posted By: BraveSirRobin Weapon procs don't fire on "cleave" - 15/01/21 06:35 PM
I am actually not positive this is a bug but I think it is. When you hit a target with a weapon that has a proc like a sussur weapons 'silence' proc or the Light of Creations 'lightning' proc they always fire when using a normal attack or a special attack like a sneak attack or battlemaster one. However when using the "cleave" attack they do not fire. I understand if that is the intentional tradeoff for the ability to hit multiple targets with one attack. However since you are actually hitting them with said weapon it seems like the proc should still fire, no?
Posted By: Cecil Harvey Re: Weapon procs don't fire on "cleave" - 15/01/21 08:23 PM
There is nothing in the description text of Cleave that states that it affects procs one way or the other, so either the description text needs to be more precise, or it is indeed a bug
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