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Posted By: Cecil Harvey Karlach's Quests (Spoilers) - 18/01/21 12:55 AM
So, There are two associated quests to kill Karlach. The overarching "Hunt the Devil" quest, and the specific "Kill the Devil" quest. I got the quest to kill Anders from her, went and spoke to Anders, and decided to go back and kill Karlach instead.

Doing this only completed one of the two associated quests, the 'Hunt the Devil' quest completed, while the 'Kill the Devil' quest did not, and is now permanently unable to be completed.

EDIT: After posting the pic, I realize that - for whatever reason - it also marked the "Kill Anders" quest as complete, even though the image shows that i turned Karlach's head into him, and did not actually kill him.

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Posted By: David12183 Re: Karlach's Quests (Spoilers) - 20/01/21 02:47 PM
Yeah, there's definitely some bugs with this questline. But it's not a consistent thing.

First time I did it, I was able to talk to Karlach after killing Anders but it wouldn't update the Kill Anders quest no matter how many times I went through the dialog with her. And she remained where she was no matter how many times. But most of my other run-throughs, after talking to her the quest updates and she heads off to Baldur's Gate. On my most recent one I talked to her, and she left for BG, but the quest didn't update.

I haven't actually tried the path of killing Karlach. But this is the first I've seen where the wrong quest was updated.
Posted By: Capt.Wells Re: Karlach's Quests (Spoilers) - 20/01/21 05:24 PM
I've only opted for the Hunt the Devil version and killed the paladins hunting each and every time. Knowing that Karlach is intended to be a companion at some point, makes killing her a bad idea in my estimation!
Posted By: spectralhunter Re: Karlach's Quests (Spoilers) - 20/01/21 10:30 PM
I end up killing both. Anders and his crew for turning to Zariel and Karlach because I have no idea how she ended up in hell. Perhaps she also sold her soul and now has regrets?

Heck, she requests I just kill her problems away. She even admits that doesn’t even solve the problem.

In my first full play through I will roll a paladin and will send all of them to hell in the name of Tyr.
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