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Posted By: Cecil Harvey Gale's ... Drinking Problem. (Spoilers) - 18/01/21 04:01 AM
So, to give context. Gale's got a condition, for those that don't know, that requires him to absorb magic from artifacts, regularly, lest some undisclosed doom befall all of humanity.

I just gave him my second artifact, the Sword of Justice, which he asked for by name. Thing is, it was equipped on Lae'zel at the time that i gave it to him. He thanked me, the quest updated, and the sword remained equipped on Lae'zel, and she continued to use it in the following battles.

This is one of those bugs that is actually helpful, though can seemingly be exploited infinitely. Figured I'd post it smile


Cecil Harvey
Posted By: foxglove Re: Gale's ... Drinking Problem. (Spoilers) - 18/01/21 07:50 PM
I did the same in a recent play through and Lae'zel no longer had it. So this must be a very inconsistent bug.

But on the flip side, I never opened the locked caravan box, but Gale knew an artifact was in it so I gave it to him to "eat". Later I returned the box to it's rightful owner and she observes that the seal is intact and the box unopened.
Posted By: booboo Re: Gale's ... Drinking Problem. (Spoilers) - 19/01/21 11:45 AM
Gale's appetite doesn't seem worth the cost - also, he didn't seem to do too badly if you didn't indulge his appetite? I left him in camp after a bit. It sounds like he may develop in interesting ways, but too early to tell.
Posted By: flick40 Re: Gale's ... Drinking Problem. (Spoilers) - 19/01/21 03:55 PM
Gales appetite is too rich for my blood. Until this 'event' is sampled that he goes on about I'm not feeding him items I can either use or are not worth my time to get. So far he is making idle threats.
Posted By: Niara Re: Gale's ... Drinking Problem. (Spoilers) - 20/01/21 02:02 AM
I've never quite understood people talking about Gale wanting too much or it being too costly... He only responds to a small set of very specific items, so as not to completely undermine your ability to gear your party... and those items are deliberately very varied in their use and function, such that it's almost a guarantee that you'll have one or two of them that your party is simply not ever going to be using... In every play through so far I've always had at least one item that no-one in my party will use, and that one has been the one I give him... and honestly it feels like it's designed that way specifically so that the sacrifice is really very minor.
I think the problem with this is the lack of choice in what you give him. There are plenty of "blue" magic items that should be usable in this way, but are not.
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