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Posted By: Traycor [BUG] Can't Create Characters - 26/02/21 06:08 AM
On the last patch 3, I wasn't able to make characters to start a new game. Instead of going to the create character screen, it instead went to an empty game area with 4 dummy characters, 2 or 3 or which are naked. Figured oh well, and moved on.

Now with patch 4, the same problem persists. Even tried uninstalling, including saves and game data, then reinstalling. Tried Direct X and Vulcan. The same problem happens every time.
Posted By: Niara Re: [BUG] Can't Create Characters - 26/02/21 06:17 AM
If you skim down through the bug section, a few other people have reported this as well. I believe in most cases, it results from a mod conflict, which the new patch will have caused. The first step should always be to uninstall any mods you have, check if it works, and then add them back one at a time.
Posted By: Traycor Re: [BUG] Can't Create Characters - 26/02/21 06:53 AM
That fixed it, thanks! Surprisingly, though the GOG uninstall asked to remove all game data, including saves... none of that was deleted. All old saves are still there. Thought that would wipe out the mods as well, but all game data was retained.
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